June 21st, 2011

Tokyo Hardcore opening announcement!

Hi everyone, Just wanting to make a very exciting announcement!

My partner and I are opening a goth and lolita store called Tokyo Hardcore in Adelaide, Australia which will sell the best Japanese brand we can get our hands on!
The store will open in August and the webstore will be open a month or two after that and we will ship internationally.

We're in Japan right now meeting with the brands and everything is going great, like our Facebook page to hear all the updates and we can't wait to open our doors!!


<3 <3 <3
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Lolita Clothing Swap @ Craftster

Hey guys, hope this is okay to post! If not feel free to take it down.

I just this might be of some interest you you, I've just started a Loli clothing swap on Craftster, here. Basically the idea is that you craft one item of clothing for another swapper, plus some other bits, & get a package back from them. I find swaps are really fun, & a loli clothing one even more so:)


Tom Hmpf

Lolitas in The Independant, Mistaken for cosplayers, commenters think we're delusional

Little gallery of images taken from Nemacon made it onto the website for UK newspaper The Independant today. The main article was about cosplay, however said gallery only has one actual cosplayer and a bunch of lolitas. Wonder if any of you British lolis that attended can spot yourself?

The Manga girls of Middlesbrough.

A fair few of the comments so far don't seem to approve all that much.