June 20th, 2011

Have any of you bought from these Taobao stores?




are they good quality? reliable? :P

ive been dying to get tights for different lolita coords  and im curious on where everyone else gets them :3

oh and the middle link is a casual top but was wondering if anyone has also bought the dresses that are in the shop

Bodyline dress(es)!

 Hi, first of all I'm very new to the egl (new lolita, too), and I apologize if I do something wrong, I'm not very familiar with LJ ^^;;

I'm thinking about buying a few dresses/skirts/blouses in the future and I was wondering if anyone had bought these: 
If so, I would greatly appreciate it if you shared your thoughts on them with me (such as did you like, quality, accuracy to the picture/size etc).

Thank you so much I'm sorry for being such a noob. 
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Meta Lucky Pack will be available from June. 23rd (Thu), 17:00 JST

More updates:  The are now up for sale here and the skirt LP is down to 3 left. 

  Meta now has photos of the black or pink bag that the LP will come in (you cannot choose color of bag). 

Shipping will be after June 28th (Tue) at the earliest.

product number: 10000080
product name: Summer Lucky Pack (10,000 YEN)
price: 10,000 yen (plus shipping)

Items in this bag will be...
- skirt
- blouse or T-shirt
- a few items from < accessory, socks, undergarment, and so on >
- special original bag <UPDATE

* Items in this bag will be worth approximately 30,000 yen.


product number: 10000082
product name: Summer Lucky Pack (15,000 YEN)
price: 15,000 yen (plus shipping)

Items in this bag will be...
- dress or pinafore dress
- blouse or T-shirt
- a few items from < accessory, socks, undergarment, and so on >
- special original bag <UPDATE

* Items in this bag will be worth approximately 45,000 yen.

For samples of what I have gotten in previous Lucky Packs see  http://www.flickr.com/photos/arsenic_and_old_lace/collections/72157622522863335/ 

And  http://www.metamorphose.gr.jp/english/_gogo_lolita/news/m-metamornews229.htm has some sample photos from the 2010 Meta LPs.

Also the last few rounds of Meta LPs were garments made special for the LPs of left over fabric, so at this point Meta might have enough old stock to make LPs of random items.
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Finding Shoes for My Big Feet

 Hello ya'll!! I'm wondering if somebody can direct me to some shoes that will fit my size 9 (27 cm) feet. I'm searching QL and Ebay but I would like somebody with a similar experience to point me a direction  Black shoes I can find  (just got some cute ones from  Payless) but I'm at a loss as to where to find white.  

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Question about Antique Beast chokers

Hi everyone~

I was wondering if anyone have experience with Antique Beast choker sizes?  I'm looking at this one in particular
And it says it's 30cm length and below it, it says:

My japanese is limited and the translation tool isn't all that helpful.  I get the gist that the choker length can be adjusted to up to 5cm extra, but I'm primarily wondering if this "adjuster" the line referring to is that the choker has a chain on the back that allows the extension?  Or is this referring to when I make order I have to ask her to make it up to 5cm longer in a comment section on the order form?  According to the FAQ the dresses bust/waist can be asked to extend by 5cm but since she didn't mention anything about chokers and there's no pictures of the back, i'm not quite sure how to take it lol  And i really don't want to confuse her or make a mess of my order and somehow cause enough trouble to cause her to stop shipping internationally!  x___x  

Thank you so much!  :D
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Anaheim CA, Nov 6, 2011 Bats Day Holiday Black Market & looking for more vendors

Anaheim CA, Nov 6, 2011 Bats Day Holiday Black Market & looking for more vendors

Hi everyone.

Just wanted to let you all know that we are having another Bats Day Black Market in November. This is going to be a Holiday Black Market. We are also looking for more vendors to vend at this great event. To download the vendor pack which includes application and floor plans please go here: http://www.batsday.net/events/bdhbmvendorpack2011.zip

If you dont vend you should still come out and do some holiday shopping.

Nov 6, 2011; 1-9pm
The Bats Day Holiday Black Market
No Wake. No Disneyland. Just Holiday Shopping.
Doubletree Guest Suites Anaheim Resort/Convention Center | 2085 S. Harbor Boulevard | Anaheim, CA 92802


If you have not vended at one of our shows here is some quick info that you may find helpful.
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Casual Lolita Art?

I've been pretty inspired by lolita for a while now, and often my work has a lot of lolita influence to it.  My latest piece isn't quite as super lolita, but I thought it might be something lolita's would appreciate?  It's summery casual loli!

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Art Post

Hello! This is my first post here. I've been lurking for awhile, and finally decided it was high time to post. Since I don't have any cords (yet) why not some nice arts? Hope you enjoy it. <3 
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Short hair for lolitas?

I just cut my hair amazingly short (it looks like a boy's hairstyle) for practical purposes and also because my hair was getting very frizzy. I guess one could switch over to kodona, but I do have several dresses and skirts. Do you think amazingly short boy hair goes with lolita at all or would it just look really weird?
(I have a feeling I'll stick with short hair for quite a long time now, again for practical reasons)

Question about fabrics;;

I was planning on making a few jumperskirts, and there are a few fabrics from some brands I really love....I just do not know the name of them.

Specifically, I like the fabric from BABY's Princess pocket jumperskirt.

aside from that, does anyone else know of some other types of fabric that are good for lolita?
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What defines an "ill fit?"

I'm doing a Loilta panel at a local convention, and trying to get my powerpoint together. One of the points is to wear clothes that fit you well. Right now the only example of not fitting well is a blouse that's too tight. I was also thinking a dress that's too big, but I can't seem to find an example of that.

1) What things make a dress/blouse/coordinate "ill-fitting?"

2) I just wanted to show these people what an "ill fit" looks like so they can have some reference! If you have a blouse/jsk/whatever that doesn't fit you, please take a picture and let me know why it doesn't fit! Pictures will likely be used in the slideshow, but all faces and most of the outfit will be cropped out (for example, the too-tight blouse only shows the blouse with no head, shoulders or anything below abdomen). If you don't want to comment with the picture feel free to email it to me at whispered.aria@gmail.com

Thanks for any help you can provide!

Question on Usakumya bonnet

My friend is interested in Baby's Friend Usakumya bonnet and the more recent Creamy Quartet bonnet, might anyone know the price range to expect for either of these bonnets? I've tried searching through the past sales but couldn't find a reference price.

Thank you! ^_^