June 18th, 2011


Hmm...Shelter Pop Complaining about Lolita?

Hey guys, I signed on to AOL (booo I know XD) and clicked on this link about decorating no-no's and what picture do I see at the top as an example? A lovely, colorful lolita inspired room.


Just thought it was kind of random that they chose that picture to go with the article!
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BiiCat Loli

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 Hey I have a bit of a question...

I'm plus-sized with most of my weight in my legs and my calves tend to not fit into about 90% of the boots I've tried on, including "plus sized" boots. I've also heard that there are shoe shops on taobao that do custom sizing.

Does anyone know if these shops also do custom sizing for the diameter of the calves for their boots? If they do, what is the upper most limit of this measurment?

If so, could I maybe have some recommendations for shops?

I'm sorry if this has been asked before, I'm still very vague of how the whole Taobao thing works... 

Lolita Lola RHS question (Also, hi! )

 [Long time lurker is de-lurking
Hello everybody! Nice to meet you! :D]


I searched the comm before posting and did not find anything, but if it's been discussed before and I missed it I apologize!

So, here's my question...  does Lolita Lola make real leather ballerina style RHS with a 8cm wooden sole? Or do they make them only with a 5cm sole, and the 8cm ones in fake leather only?
In their Taobao shop (now at least) are listed only the real leather/5cm ones or the fake leather/8cm ones, but perhaps they just don't have them in stock now? I'm not too familiar with Taobao shops :(

Thank you! xxx



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Show me your Coords! <3

Hello to all the lovely Lolitas out there!

I'd like to see any/all of your coordinates that use a plain black jsk (as in, no print! But ruffles, lace and/or frills are more than okay!)and as a challenge, what is the most OTT coord that you can come up with with whats in your closet that uses a plain black jsk?

Thank you in advance to all who reply- I'm looking forward to the response, I'm betting you guys'll blow me away with creativity ;D

Lost Item at the Fairytale/ Storybook Meetup.

 I lost my Canson camera at the So-Cal. Fairytale Storybook Lolita meetup. 
I lost it during the cleanup.  Here is an old photo of me with my camera.

If you happen to have it by chance please PM or comment me