June 16th, 2011


A random collection of photoshoots.

 Hi all! Having recently moved to Iceland I've been totally awed by its nature and this has, of course, meant that some photoshoots have taken place (well, ok, some have taken place indoors too because there's a limit to how cold weather I can survive). Iceland may not have that many old, fancy buildings but I've found that the surroundings can still make up better than well for the lack of those!

To avoid clogging the comm I decided to link them all in the same post with a preview image for each, so you can decide right away whether you want to see more. My photoshoots can be roughly divided into serious and goofing around, so I'm doing exactly that. The first three are so-called serious photoshoots, the rest... well, expect anything. Like jumping endlessly on a bed with the self-timer on, that kind of anything.
All links go to my blog, Breiðholt.
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Meting Other Lolitas for the first time?

So, I'm going to a convention on Saturday, and it will be my first time dressing lolita whilst I meet other lolitas. The thing is, I know and have seen some of the outfits worn by people going, and I' scared, In comparison to them, I don't feel cute /or/ lolita (even though my outfit sits perfectly within the rules/guidelines). I just don't want to feel judged or un-cute compared to everyone else.

Did anyone else feel like this the fist time they met other lolitas? And if so, how did you over come it?

Thanks <3

bunny, cherry, berry

NYC Lolita Band

Hello everyone! I've been thinking about this idea for a long time and I figure why not throw it out there. I've seen Lolita musicians like Nana Kitade and Kanon Wakeshima, but I've never seen a Lolita band. If there are some, please let me know!

I'm an overall artist which includes being a musician and writer. I've played piano since I was six, taught myself how to play guitar a few years ago, and I've sang all my life in different choirs and such. I don't have a place in mind to practice or professional equipment, but perhaps others do. If enough people are interested in being apart of this project in any way, we can hold auditions. For now, this will be a fun experiment. If things start to work out, perhaps we can perform at different conventions, Japanese related events, etc. I have a lot of ideas for this band like character personas and such. If anyone is interested, please don't hesitate to leave a comment.

Thanks for reading and rock on, lolis~! \m/ > o < \m/


- I plan on being lead vocalist in this band.
- As for character personas, this can go a few ways:

1) Originally, I thought each band member would portray a different style of lolita (sweet, punk, classic, etc.) and portray that character to our audience.

2) We can also make up names for our characters.

3) We can be like the Gorillaz and make a cartoon band. This would be helpful if the band can't meet up regularly for practice.

4) We can combine a mixture of all the ideas.
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I was wondering.

It occurred to me the other day that I didn't hear anything resolving this, and it was worrying me. Have all our missing Lolitas from the Japan earthquake been found yet? Sorry for bringing up such a dreary subject.
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Japan Lolita Association

I hope this hasn't been posted before! But on Plurk I saw somebody post about the Japane Lolita Association and am curious what it is about!

I tried to Google translate it and got the general gist that they are looking for Japanese Kawaii Ambassadors for every region of Japan to organize Tea Parties and educate about Lolita fashion or something?

Well, the website is cute and it has Misako Aoki on it, so I like it ^u^v

Pittsburgh Lolita Meet-up

Oh my god, look how time has passed since the meet-up ^^. I'm sorry it took me so long! Okay, on 5-21-11, the Pittsburgh Lolitas went to their usual hang-out Antiquitea for afternoon tea and then for some shopping. Here are some pictures! It's kinda long but I hope you like the pics.
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