June 15th, 2011

Die Asta

Email from Juliette et Justine

For those of you who have responded to the survey in regards to Juliette et Justine, I thought that this email might be of interest to at least let you guys know where JetJ stands.

Hi S,

(insert information about my order)

And about the survey!
Thank you for taking so much time doing this. It must have been a lot of work! It is very nice to know how our customers think of our products. Along with other staff, I appreciate you for giving us the chance to know all this.

I personally cannot guarantee how much of the data here will be reflected in our future production, but I will pass this information anyway to the designer and the person in charge of our web store design.

It is always nice to hear from you.
Give our regards to your friends in the lolita community.

Juliette et Justine

Let's cross our fingers that maybe in the future, we'll see some re-releases of the items that were on the survey!
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Moitie City/London print up!

Moitie just posted its new print; Silent Moon to their website to pre-order! (sending out early July)

Jsk: http://moi-meme-moitie.shop-pro.jp/?pid=32464048
OP: http://moi-meme-moitie.shop-pro.jp/?pid=32463425
Long OP: http://moi-meme-moitie.shop-pro.jp/?pid=32463623
skirt: http://moi-meme-moitie.shop-pro.jp/?pid=32464291

white colourways: http://img16.shop-pro.jp/PA01096/409/product/32463425_o2.jpg?20110615184553
(black, blue, silver, gold)
black colourways: http://img16.shop-pro.jp/PA01096/409/product/32463425_o3.jpg?20110615184553
(white, blue, silver, gold)

I've bought the black on white OP, but I love the idea of gold on white toooo!
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Japonica Market ?

I have found my dream dresses on yahoo Japan auctions, but it ends in 23 hours. Is Japonica Market known for answering quickly to order forms by any chance?

Update: I just wanted to let everyone know that I got my dream dresses. Thank you for all the replies! <3
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Little photo-shoot

Hi! First time posting here!
Little introduction; Cloudberry Lady is a small clothing company from Finland and we make mostly lolita wear. We launched our website a year a go and have been taking baby steps to win the hearts of finnish lolitas. Recently we started to plan taking orders from abroad too.

We had a wonderful photo shoot couple weeks ago with one of our new dresses and a new model Roosa! She was so lovely and the place was stunning so we thought to make a little post here to share few of the pics which wouldn't been published otherwise.

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Angelic Pretty berets - solved!

I bought a beret from the community sales, saying it was from Angelic Pretty! Because I have a red Rose Toilette OP, I thought it was matching because there was a perfume bottle on it, too.
Then I got it and there was no Angelic Pretty tag on/in it! I asked the seller and she had no idea, because she bought it second hand herself and didn't think about tags. It didn't fit her, so she sold it again.
Now here is my question: You know if there are some AP berets that don't have tags? Do you recognise this beret from somewhere and can say that it is from AP or not?
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Why didn't I think of it earlier? I looked at pupe and found these in the Angelic Pretty category:

So I think everything is ok with this beret!!! Thank you for your help!


 Hello, everyone! A new store has opened up in the Orange Circle called Amber and Topaz. We are a small second-hand lolita clothing store dealing with new and used lolita goods. We are located inside the Orange Circle Antique Mall across the street from Paris in a Cup where we will be hosting our:                                              
                                       Grand Opening Tea Party       


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