June 14th, 2011

Tinychat Tea Time

I've been going on the tinychat link these past couple of days and I noticed no one has been on. Not that I mind too bad but it gave me an idea.

I always wish I could go to a tea party and I love to roleplay online. So how about we organize a tinychat lolita tea party/time. It could be a one time thing or regular thing...
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Short or medium-sized lolita nails?

I've been looking around, mainly Taobao, and I'm having trouble finding some cute deco nails (or any fake nails, really) that aren't twice the length of normal nails.  What I'm looking for are deco nails in a more normal length, like around 1.5 cm.  Preferably on Taobao or in a similar price range (I'm aware of fullmoon07xxx.ocnk.net/, but I can't justify spending $30 for a set fake nails.)

Am I just reading something wrong, or what?  I've seen a few that look like short nails, but I think they were designed for toenails...anyway, a link or an explanation of any sort would be really helpful.  Thanks guys!
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Got Lolita?

This is a little advertisement for the communtiy got_lolita because I came across some members who didn't know about this community and one suggested to make a post about it.

got_lolita is a community where Lolitas can post pictures of their latest Lolita purchases.
It's a little quiet these days and since I like it I thought it would be nice to introduce it to people who don't know it and remind others to maybe post now and then.

I hope you take a look at got lolita and maybe post a thing or two^^

*posted with permission from Colortheory

SC Lolitas?


I'm incredibly new to Lolita, and I was just wondering if there were any Lolita's in South Carolina. I live in the upstate, Greenville/Spartanburg/Anderson area and I've only ever seen one other Lolita. It was about two years ago I saw a sweet Lolita at a theater near me and I asked to take her picture. Other than that I haven't even found an online community near me, besides ATL.
So this is a lonely noob Lolita reaching out and seeing if there are any others (hopefully ones from whom I can learn :D).
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Rose tea and bow rain photoshoot

Hi, everyone ^__^

This is Sharon, aka blackkoi, from Perpetual Dream of a Geeky Honey♥♥♥Helena and I did a photoshoot few months back with Ivan Huang; the theme initially was spring but then it took a turn, which involves a lot of bows and rose tea xD. I'm only able to come up with the courage to put photos up here now ^///^. I hope you will enjoy our photos and concrits are super welcome♥

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For more photos, please visit my blog at http://black-koi.blogspot.com ♥♥♥♥

Thanks for reading ^___^

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Meeting up with San Fran Lolitas in August?

Hi there! I'm a little nervous to post about this on here, but I'm not familiar with anyplace else that I could contact a widespread group of lolitas in a region I'm not even remotely associated with.

From August 7th to the 14th, I'm going to be traveling to San Francisco. While I'm there, I would love to meet-up with the local San Francisco lolita community, as long as you guys would feel comfortable having me. I've never gotten to meet-up with a lolita community outside of the Toronto area, and the prospect of doing so is really, really exciting for me!

Since I'm not a part of the San Fran lolita livejournal community (I think there is one?), I was wondering if anybody could help me set up a meet? I know its still way early, but I didn't want to wait until last minute to ask for help. The meet-up can be literally anything, from shopping in the city, to having tea, to eating lunch. I would just like to meet and get to know you guys while I'm in town, if that's okay with the community.

Thank you for anybody that might be willing to help me with this! ♥