June 13th, 2011

Free-for-all craft exchange *poll*

Hello EGL
How many of you would be interested in a free-for-all-exchange as opposed to a craft exchange?
For the FFA exchange you would be able to exchange things that you did not make (read: bought) OR a drawing if that's your strong point OR a craft :)
The only thing is, with people not receiving their exchanges (we had 2 last time >_<) It would be imperative for each partner to take a picture of their exchange item and send it to me (if you want it to be a surprise for your partner, that is) and then I'll give you two the "okay" to send your gifts to eachother. It really sucks when someone spends money on a gift or lots of time on a craft and receives NOTHING in return :(

ANYWAY, poll time :)

Poll #1751731 FFA exchange

What do you prefer

Craft exchange
Free for all exchange
Either one, I would participate either way
Neither one, I would not participate either way
I will comment!
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Lolita little black dress

Okay, so looked around past posts for this and found a thread about lolita little black dresses, but it doesn't quite answer my question. I want to know what would be in your dream little black dress, like what elements would be there. Specific design details would be great, but also "roles" that the dress would be able to fill. Any opinions on little black dresses in relation to lolita would be great.
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Reply time for TaobaoSpree

Hi all,

Can anyone tell me how long it takes for Susan from TaobaoSpree to reply to your order? Reading past reviews, it seems to be pretty quick and within 12 hours, but it's been two days now, and I still don't have a reply. :|

Gmail tells me the email was sent properly with no problems, but I don't want to send it again in case it causes any confusion. And I need this to be urgent, because it's for a convention soon.

Thank you!

ETA: Solved! For anyone else asking the same question - it might be that they're not working on weekends, or you might to email them on all three email addresses, in case your email might end up in their spam box. Thank you all!

Help washing bleeding red fabric.

I have a red dress with white lace. It will bleed in to the lace. I need to wash it or at least spot clean but the tag says hand wash only. I've washed red items before and they usually don't bleed too much until they dry. That's when all the red dye gets pulled in to the lace. What should I do? Think a space heater would help to dry it before this happens?

This dress