June 12th, 2011


How often does this happen with RHS shoes?

Hey egl.. So, this happened to me this weekend during a photoshoot..

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Basically what happened was, I was sitting down on an essentially flat rock (which was probably a bad idea in the first place) and when I got up, I fell over and I looked down and that happened.

I know I should take it to a cobbler to fix, of course, but what I would like to know is if this has happened to anyone else (any brand or style, not just my specific pair), and how often this happens? Basically, I just want to know if it's worth getting fixed. Now, I should say, I hardly EVER wear these (partially because they hurt my feet and uneven ground is super hard to walk on). I can count on one hand the amount of times I've worn these, so it is definitely not due to wear. I paid a good chunk of change for these and as much as I like them and want to get them fixed, I don't want to if it's just going to keep happening.


Otakuthon 2011 Lolita swap meet


We decided this year to organise an exchange panel for lolita. you can sell  your old lolita clothes and accessories, or also buy other people clothes. we particularly invite the new lolita, its a wonderfull occasion to buy brand and offbrand clothes cheaper and without shipping fees.

You have to go to the otakuthon to participate in this panel
but the swap is free

saturday 13 from noon to 2pm
the swap will stand for 1h30

facebook group
(french and english)

we would like to know how many people would be interested, you can post on that entry or go to the facebook page.

Small Photopost: Japan Day 2011 and Animenext 2011

Happy Sunday everyone! (Well...everyone in the US. >.>  haha.)

This past weekend was AnimeNEXT. While I didn't attend in Lolita (As the lovely lolis I was chatting with can vouch for. :P ), I did get some pictures of a few Lolitas I'd like to share. Additionally, I have ~2 pictures from New York City's Japan Day festival that I figured I could just put here, since it would be silly to make a post for only 1 or 2 photos.

(I don't know anyone else's name's on here, so if you're in here, please feel free to let me know and I'll put your name under the photo.)

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Admin still on hiatus

Just a reminder to everyone, I am still on hiatus, even though I am dropping in and helping out with modding now and then. I still am getting PMs almost daily, and while I love that you are seeking help and advice, I cannot guarantee I will reply, especially if it's something complicated. You are better off contacting another mod or posting in the ARC (this way every mod can see it) until I have graduated in mid-July. Thanks very much!
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Long Bloomers?

So, I was deciding to get some material and make myself a pair of plain, everyday bloomers. However, I was thinking about making ones just above the knee/ones that stick out of the bottom of the dress a little bit.

However, as I looked for pictures, I couldn't see any pictures of dresses with bloomers. Personally, I think they're cute, so I was quite surprised.

What's your view on long bloomers, and if you have any, would you care to show any pictures?

Thanks :3

Individuality in Fashion

As the end of the school year draws closer; so are the final assignments and exams. I have decided to do my final english project on Individuality in Fashion. I want to get some feed back from everyone on egl:
How you view your individuality when wearing Lolita.
Or does lolita or any other fashion trend dictate who you are as an individual? 

Please give me your opinion and i'll make sure to quote you in my presentation with your permission, of course.
Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response.
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Can you identify an anime to go with this dress?

I found this really cute dress in the bodyline costume section (I was actually looking for costumes) : http://www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/showProduct.asp?id=3052&pageNumber=1&pageStop=stop_50&noSubType=Y

Due to the fact that it was in the costume section, I assume it is a costume from some anime. (but it might not be due to bodyline common disorganzation or it might be from something non-anime)

Anyone know what this is?