June 9th, 2011


Sizing For Meta's CL Heart Punch Out Frilled Shoes

Hello! Anyone want to help a total noob? XD I want to get these shoes from Meta's Crown Label,


But I'm confused about the sizing. I measured my foot, and it is exactly 23.5cm. I normally wear a 7 1/2 in sneakers. My problem is, most of Meta's other shoes say size M is for 23.5, except this pair that I want. This particular pair says a M is 23, and L is 24. Does anyone with a similar foot size have this pair of shoes? I'm worried an M might be too small, or the L will be too big. Also, could it just be a typo? Because the size S and LL are listed as .5 sizes, but the M and L are not. I've never bought brand shoes before so I'm a bit afraid of getting the wrong size. Thanks for any advice!
EDIT: Meta has emailed me back, and they changed the sizes on the page for those shoes. But I'm still torn between M and L...Hmm...
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Jailbait Taemin

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Hello egl! I've always been into lolita but I've just recently got back into it :) I've always been curious if there were any lolitas in my area and I've finally gotten up to searching. So are there any lolitas that happen to live in the Modesto, Salida, Ripon, or any nearby town?

I live in Salida which has about a population of 18,000+ and is mostly country land. If there happens to be one or two lolitas in my town I was hoping we could exchange numbers or chat online and eventually meet once I feel comfortable enough +___+ Thank you!!!

(I know egl isn't California based but since there are more members in egl which is also more active I figured I might get more of chance of finding someone! Hope that's okay~)

Noted for Juliette et Justine

EMAIL HAS BEEN SENT! Thanks for participating :)

Sorry for spamming you guys with JetJ. Real life things caught up so I couldn't email them today but I thought that a collection of notes from all JetJ fans would be really sweet. They were really happy even with a small compliment that I sent them so I thought that even if they can't understand it, the gesture would still come through that we, international lolitas, appreciate their designs and that they ship overseas. If you know Japanese, feel free to type your message in Japanese. English and Japanese will be the only languages permitted since those are the only languages that the staff have a firm grasp of. The note could be whatever you want it to be about, whether it's a simple note of gratitude or even a note about why you love JetJ.

If you have some time, fill out the following form.