June 8th, 2011

Wearing tights with this dress....

((Please excuse my face... I was told to do something rather than just "stand there"))



Anyway... This dress is from a high street store. When I got it, it was around knee length (even with the crappy petticoat I had), but I altered my petticoat and now it looks shorter (stupid physics!)

Anyway, this ramble was pretty much to say, I know the skirt is short (doesn't help that my legs are out of proportion with my body and are longer =,=), but I wondered if by wearing tights instead of socks and therefore not showing any skin, it would be "saved"?


Thanks ^^


Juliette et Justine survey

Hi everyone!

I will be emailing JetJ most likely tomorrow night to work out my order with them so I thought that it would be a good time to send the survey results along with my sales related email. I got a very enthusiastic response from them and it sounded like they were really happy that people abroad like their products.

If you haven't done so already, please fill out the survey here: http://egl.livejournal.com/17339954.html

I would love to have at least 50 people for one dress or at least 100 people filling out the survey since I think it would look better if we had a large number of people interested. Please spread the news to other lolitas who might like JetJ but aren't part of EGL!


Question: Cream colored shoes?

Hey there EGL,

this is bothering me for a while now, so do any of you know if there are cute cream Lolita shoes out there somewhere? I would love to get some tea parties in a cream color, but had no luck browsing Antaina and Secret Shop (I only found the white ones).
I know IW world sometimes has shoes in their Milk Tea color, but at the moment they only have white ones and I don't know if you can call them exactly cream colored. I am looking for something more casual, maybe a little heel, one bow, nothing too cute.
Has anyone of you an idea where to find something that fits into these criterias? :)

Thanks a lot!