June 7th, 2011

Cake~ ^__^

Headbow help!!

 Hello!!  I'm in the process of trying to find the name of this specific headbow and when it was released! It seems to match perfectly with the BABY Secret Cake JSK... but everyone I"ve asked tells me there was never a headbow released with that JSK.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!! And... if anyone could direct me as to where I could purchase one... I'd be eternally grateful! >W<

On a side note: How do you guys clean your Usakumyas?There was a previous question post about it, but I don't think you can just throw it in the washing machine... since It has balljoints(at least the medium one does) and the water would rust the metal right? >w< Thank you!!

Question about Oo Jia


I'm new here, so I hope I'm  in the right place to post this!

earlier last week, on this community I saw a review of an Oo Jia copy VS the real dress. This had me wanting to buy from Oo Jia since she does custom sizes and I sadly do not fit into brand dresses.

On the review, the girl gave a Facebook link to the page where you can order from Oo Jia. Well, this morning the Facebook page was gone and Oo Jia was gone.

I was in the process of ordering a dress with her. Does anybody know how I can get in contact with her?

I really hope she'll come back on Facebook.. I really want my dress..

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Looking for a Victorian Tea Party Website...

 So, I'm planning some lolita tea parties for summer, and I remembered an old link I had to a website where it listed a bunch of old favorite Victorian party themes, and I particularly remember one or two about a white-themed party or a yellow-themed party or a yellow-and-white-themed party, but I don't quite recall the whole idea. Does anyone, by some miracle, happen to know what website I'm talking about or have the link? If not, does anyone know what I'm talking about with this yellow-and-white party idea? There was something about decorating with daffodils and jasmines. 

Lastly, what are your favorite themes or dream themes for a lolita tea party?

Wearing Guro Lolita

I love all the styles and sub-styles of lolita, but one which really stuck out for me was Guro-loli. I love things which mix innocence and gore into a slightly morbid item.
However, from what I;ve seen of guro, (and I'm not meaning to offend anyone), it seems more "costume-y" than other styles/ sub-styles. I was just wondering, do people wear guro-loli as everyday clothing, or is it something saved for meet-ups and large events?


Thanks :3