June 6th, 2011

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Call for Models/Designers for J-Fashion Show

Anime World Chicago wants to showcase the Japanese and Asian-inspired fashions. They are looking for designers and models for their J-Fashion Show. They are seeking creators and models to demonstrate the following styles:

* All Lolita styles (sweet, gothic, classic, punk, wa, hime, guro, ouji, boystyle, country, EGL/EGA, etc.)
* All Gal styles (gyaru, ganguro, oneegyaru, kogyaru, manba, gyaru-kei, banba, etc.)
* Decora
* Mori girl
* Visual Kei
* Fairy-kei
* Dolly-kei
* Brand, Off-Brand, Indie Japanese/-inspired fashions
* Other street fashions you suggest!

MODELS WITH WARDROBE: Please write a few sentences about the fashion you're representing (what characterizes that style) and your own outfit (if you made it, bought it, etc.). This will be read while you walk the runway.

MODELS WITHOUT WARDROBE: If you'd love to be a model, send them your info and they'll try to match you up with a designer so you can model their creations in the show.

DESIGNERS: They can match you up with a model. They will also announce you as the creator when the outfit is shown on stage.

PROFESSIONAL COMMISSION ARTISTS: Contribute an outfit for a model to wear in our show and they'll announce your company as the creator during the show as well as give you free space to display fliers or business cards so attendees can pick them up.

If you would like to be involved, please email fashionshow@animeworldexpos.com. Tell them which of the above categories you fit into. Include the fashion you'd like to represent, and if possible, attach or include a link to a photograph or design sketch of your outfit.

Details found at http://www.animeworldchicago.com/events/fashion-show/
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I have been searching for images of a skirt (or possibly a JSK) made by innocent world but i haven't been able to find it any where!  I've searched all over Lolibrary but I haven't been able to find a hint of it, I was hoping that you lovely ladies (and gents) might be able to help me.

The skirt I'm looking for looks similar to this one:


Can you please help me?
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Great Lolita manga! too cute!

Plant Doll Manga - Read Plant Doll Manga Online for Free at Manga Fox

Seriously this is Lolita like manga! and it is too cute! The idea is about living dolls! check it out sometime and see how adorable these Plant Dolls really are!

Yumiko Kawahara's disturbing

short stories explore the strange and codependent world of dolls and the people who own them.

Both quirky and unsettling, these science-fiction morality fables question the dark side of love and pride.

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Jane Marple Online Shop

Some of the most exciting fashion related news I have gotten in ages: Jane Marple has opened an Online Shop today!! Now you can see clear stock photos of their items and no longer have to go off of the tiny preview pictures and have a shopping service go to the store for you!

Question about BTSSB

As I'm window shopping, some of the items have this label next to them that says "通販在庫なし". This roughly means its not in stock at stores, but this means I could sill order online right? It doesn't affect online ordering?

Style or Styles?

I tried to find something like this., If this has been asked before feel free to delete. Oh, and sorry if I look like a huge noob ;_; ^___^

So, as some people may know, or could have guessed, I am extremely new to lolita. So far, I have like, 2 JSKs, a blouse and a petticoat (which I'm soon to be modifying to make poofier ^^). However, the pieces I have now could probably be called more 'Classic'. That's fine,  like it, but I really love Sweet lolita, and Gothic lolita interests me too.

My question is, do you keep to one style which you change slightly, e.g. mostly sweet but add classic hints, or mostly Gothic but add punk or sailor hints. OR, do you, or do you feel it okay, to wear OTT sweet one day, then something like ero or gothic the next?


Hello! My name is Darina, I am from Russia!
I want to get acquainted with Lolita from France. I arrived in the summer in Paris for a couple of days. I wish that somebody helped to find the lolita stores) and made ​​the company ^ _ ^

Lifestyle Lolita

 I've heard of lifestyle lolita's. Wait, let me start at the beginning.

When I was little anything old-fashioned fascinated me. I wished, still do a lot of times, that I could live in those elegant times. Now that I have become a lolita I want to live the "lolita lifestyle". I'm not trying to change who I am, the opposite actually. I want to finally show everyone what I've always wanted to show. So, any tips?
Shiro Loli

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I have a question: Do Japanese people approve of us wearing "their" fashion?

I'm not saying we NEED they're approval, I was just wondering because recently I've been getting Facebook attacks from people who are- or at least are claiming to be- Japanese and saying I'm a horrible Lolita for not being Japanese. I had to change a lot of security features and block at least a dozen people and the thing is, I don't even know how this started.

I just want to know if this is a general consensus or just small group of pissed off, racist Japanese people -_-

One day, one dress, two outfits, two secret gardens

My friend Aristosa was visiting me last week here in Hämeenlinna. The weather was amazing and one of our loli friends had a Birthday few days back so it was perfect excuse for a lolita picnic. The birthday girl wished we would go to a national park Aulanko where is a beautiful "castle ruins" It's actually a replica of mid europian castles but it's made over 100 years a go.When we arrived home after the picnic we still felt like taking more photos, so we changed our outfits and went to Hämeenlinna city garden. The place felt magical at the afternoon light, we hope you enjoy these photos as much we enjoyed our loli-day! <3

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New layout for June

After some grueling competition, artwork for the layout this month is by apricotcrown . Thank you so much for your submissions everyone, and congratulations to our winner! You can see more of her work on her DeviantArt. Remember, everyone is welcome to submit theme ideas in this post. If you want to submit artwork for next months layout, please check this post. Some reminders for this month:

The General Theme for June is Lolita Promotion!
This theme is for those who have a creative mind and wish to create some sort of informational/promotional product to help educate the masses. This theme can be either serious or just for fun! It doesn't have to be necessarily about teaching lolita to others, it can also be anything that's related to lolita in general. For an example and more information, click here.

The Aesthetic Theme for June is Straw Hats.
In honor of the banner art that won this month, the aesthetic theme of this month is straw hats! Show us coordinates featuring straw hats. Show us how you pimp out your straw hats. And show us how you can transform a straw hat into something else for your lolita wardrobe, such as a bonnet!

The Contest for June/July is Lolita dance video.
Time to shake it down to win a prize! Please see this post for more details, and click here to submit your video.

Finally, a big thanks to aonele  for taking over for me *woo* My hiatus isn't quite over yet, so please make sure to consult the list of mods to make sure you are contacting someone active and in your timezone. Thanks!

US Tabao shipping question

Hey there all you smart tabao shoppers! Im another helpless and annoying newbie and i was wondering how much shipping to the USA costs on average when you use Tabao Now. I know it depends on the weight of your item etc. but the website says that it starts at 144 for less than 0.5 kg, is it really $144? Thank you for helping me and if you can spare any other tips for me i would be so grateful!
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Wonder Woman

quick question (AP SC special set)

I just had a quick question.

how much did the dark blue Sugary Carnival special set originally sell for?

I was looking on Yahoo!Japan auctions at Sugary carnival stuff and someone is trying to sell the set for 70,000 yen .
woah. that is a LOT. I know it was hard to get....but really...that much?

so how much did it go for originally? I can't remember...and my google-fu is failing me.
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