May 31st, 2011

International Lolita Day in NYC

I've searched through a number of pages and didn't see anything about it, so I was wondering if there is anything going on in NYC for international lolita day on june 5. By luck of the draw that's where I'll be on June 5 so I figure might as well meet some lolitas as my city has approx. 6 :P

Collar References

Hello! I sew Doctor Who lolita (as well as normal lolita) and am hoping to modify my Eleventh Doctor blouse's collar because the current one is awkward and not lolita enough.

Many lolitas have shirt with blouses like this:
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I was hoping people could take some pictures of their own large-collared blouses for me. I have these but I need angles of things like the stand, the back, unfolded. Basically i need things that show off what the shape of the piece looks like so I can cut my own for the blouse. If anyone has sewing experience and knows how or has a pattern they are willing to share, it would be much appreciated! Or if there is a particular name for this kind of collar.
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Anahiem Ca, 11/6/11 Bats Day Holiday Black Market and now accepting vendor aps

11/6/11 Bats Day Holiday Black Market and now accepting vendor aps


To help continue to celebrate the 13th year of Bats Day in the Fun Park, we have
added a Bats Day Holiday Black Market this Sunday November 6, 2011

No Wake. No Disneyland. Just Holiday Shopping with over 50 vendors.

- The Bats Day Black Market is the premier shopping market experience for the
Dark Subculture, which includes from Deathrock to Goth, Industrial to Steampunk,
Rockabilly to Psychobilly, Halloween and anywhere in between.

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Have a Spooky Day

The Bats Day Team

Bats Day Holiday Black Market
Sunday Nov 6th, 2011
No Wake No Disneyland Just Holiday Shopping with over 50 vendors

Bats Day Weekend 14
May 18-20, 2012
Details coming soon.

Check out the Bats Day Scream Store.
with limited edition items.

Your number one source for all of your
Bats Day information.
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Ouch! How to deal with painful wigs?

I recently wore a wig for the first time a few weeks ago for a convention - 3 different wigs, actually. Two from reputable eBay sellers, and another from MintyMix. Because I've heard of some people having difficulty with wigs from Asia, as they tend to run smaller, I did measure my head beforehand. Based on multiple websites I looked at, I have an average size head for women. ROFL. Great to know!

In any case, when I tried on the wigs they clearly weren't too small. They fit just how I imagined a wig should - snug enough not to slip around, but not "OHMYGOD THE BLOOD FLOW TO MY BRAIN HAS BEEN CUT OFF" tight. I also did a little research (some through the EGL memories) on the most comfortable type of wig cap to buy, which is apparently mesh. So that's what I went with.

Imagine my frustration when the mesh cap and wigs caused a dull ache pretty much throughout each day. Argh! I had done everything right. By the end of the convention I discovered some redness by the hair line on my forehead, where the cap had rested, and also 2-3 bumps/welts under my hair (near my forehead and behind my ears) that made using a brush very difficult for a few days.

The wigs never caused any sharp pain, just a dull ache, as I said. It was manageable, but not very comfortable obviously. Can this be an issue with wigs that some people just have to deal with? I've had headbands that are overly tight leave bumps before, but usually a tight headband causes much worse pain/headaches than what I experienced with the cap/wigs.

Any advice for me? v_v The only possible thing I can think of is pushing the wig cap further behind my hairline, and further back behind my ears. But that increases the risk of your real hair sneaking out, and I DO have bangs to keep back as well.
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For the love of frills.

Hi everyone,

For one of my current projects I'm making a love + fashion dress which I want to fill with the thoughts of lolitas.

The question I'd most like to ask is: What is the best part about dressing up?

What is it about wearing your favourite dress, cute new coordinate or long-awaited dream shoes, that you love most? Or is it a love for your community more than anything? We all have out own reason for loving lolita, be it the friends we've made through it, the escape it's given us or just for the love of frills, and I want to know yours!

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plus sized and on a budget?

Hi there! I've loved lolita ever since I was younger but I've never actually been able to wear it. I've been looking into dresses and stuff for the past few weeks, and I know now that I want to do dress it no matter what. Now onto my question! I'm plus sized, not sure of my measurements but I wear a 40/42DD, usually an XXL in shirts, and a 13-17 in pants/skirts, I'm also on a pretty tight budget. I have no idea where to start, help?
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Poll time!

Hi everyone, we're thinking of making an EGL friending meme + free for all post for the summer, and we were wondering about how often it should be posted on EGL, and on which day of the week would most people like to have it on.
To clarify:
-A friending meme is a a way for people to find new friends by filling out a small questionnaire of things of interest (such as name, age, favorite style of lolita, etc) There's actually a fan wiki page explaining it, lol. 
-A free for all is a post in which anything and everything can be discussed by anyone with everyone. It does not have to be on topic, or even logical! (Though all EGL rules still apply!)
-If all goes well and people enjoy this, we might make it so it becomes a normal tradition on EGL! Summer will be a time to "test drive" this plan.

That said, on with the polls! Feel free to post any questions, comments, and concerns in the comments!Collapse )