May 29th, 2011


Lolita collage + Arabesque zine news

I recently made a collage + art zine called the End Days of Our Youth. Many of the collages are inspired by a Taisho Roman and Showa Nostalgia aesthetic, drawing on sources from pre-WWII Japanese magazines and my own photographs of cityscapes around the world. There is a 20 page article on the angura-kei band Guruguru Eigakan and also a section with collages featuring photos of Lolitas and related fashion. There are 5 in the book, but I wanted to share one with the community today that used muier_noir's photograph. Please visit the cut for the image and more information.


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I had a lot of fun creating collages that showcased Lolita fashion and want to do another zine in the future that centered more on fashion instead of images of the city... If anyone is interested in having their photo used in a collage, please let me know. :-)

Arabesque Zine News
I also manage the Arabesque zine website and designed the cover and layout of the actual zine. Arabesque Zine is based on the Japanese concept of otome, and some of the contributors have roots in Lolita fashion. Books are now all printed and bound and ready to ship. Please visit the website for more information! We added a Paypal button it make it easier to buy a copy now.

I also wanted to take the time to thank everyone for showing their support for the zine thus far by buying a copy of the newest issue, visiting the site and blog, and just showing interest in the project. Without the enthusiasm we received for the first issue back in 2009, this newest volume would not have materialized.

We are already thinking about next year's issue and want to open up the zine for submissions this time. We are going to be mostly looking for photographers and writers, but if you are an artist or engage in some other kind of creative activity, we would love to hear from you as well. There will be an official call for submissions sometime in September with more specific information and guidelines, but if you are interested or have an idea for an article or feature, feel free to contact us at arabesquezine @

Thank you for reading!!!
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Shoe sizing question

I have a 7 US shoe size and normally I wear a M in BtSSB/AatP and secret shop shoes, although they are a bit on the snug side.  However, my experience with their size L is that they're too loose.  I recently had a pair of the odette toe shoes in size L and my heel came all the way out of them as I walked.  However, I also had a pair of the tiara brocade heels in size M that were way too tight.  I'm not sure if it's because their sizing has changed over the years or if it was because the toebox was narrow/pointed. 

I want to order a pair of these shoes from the website and I'm guessing Baby doesn't have a shoe exchange policy like IW, so I want to be extra careful to get the correct size since I imagine I wouldn't be able to get nearly the same price back if I try selling them on comm sales.  All my other shoes have rounded toes, so I'm a bit uncertain about the sizing on these.

Does anybody have a good idea on Baby's shoe sizing when it comes to the pointer models?  Since I'm on the larger side of M, would it be better to go with L in this case? 

Thanks to anybody that has any advice.  
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shoe sizing help?

hi everyone! i'd like to start building my shoe wardrobe, but i have a problem. i have super tiny feet (21cm)! i seem to be too small for most shoe makers i've looked at (brand, Secret Shop, Lolita Lola, An*tai*na*, Bodyline). the only one i've found that offers a size 21cm is Custom House, but unfortunately i don't like many of their designs. i was wondering if anyone has a similar problem, and what shoes/companies you have purchased from? or if you've bought the next size up and padded the shoes? any help would be great, thank you! :)
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Shoes from

 Hi everyone,  I am new to this community and to lj. This is not an introduction, I just want everyone to keep in mind that I don't know what I am doing and that I am not sure if I can even post a question here. So please forgive me. I have been through all the FAQ, and most of the Memorable categories. My question is has anyone bought shoes from and were they any good? I read plenty of reviews saying to stay away from there clothing section, but I was just wondering about their shoes. Thank you for your time! ^-^
P.S. I tried to add a tag because I thought we are  suppose to, and it wouldn't let me. : (  I am not good with computers.

Lucky packs?

 When do brands like Angelic Pretty and BTSSB and others  lucky packs come out?  I was thinking of making that my first lolita purchase.
Silly question: Does bodyline have lucky pack? XP
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Please help

Hello I have been looking at 3 thing from milanoo and I've seen all the bad reviews people have posted about them. About not getting there things and about how the images are stolen. So I was wounder if anyone knows where the items originally came from or somewhere where I can get replicas. I don't care really if it original or just a place I can have make replicas.

Sorry if I posted this wrong it's my first time posting on live journal.

quick reminder: banner submission+dramatic make-up contest

 Quick reminder that submission for the dramatic make up contest ends May 31st, as does the banner submission! Voting for the banner submission will start shortly after May 31st, and new aesthetic and general themes for the month of June will be revealed then. 

Full details of dramatic make-up contest
here, and go over here to submit when you're ready! 
Banner submission details