May 28th, 2011

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Gothloli KERA x UEDA fashion show + song question

via go_slow_ly

livestream in segments:

with guest appearances by Midori, Misako and Kimura Yuu
with fashion shows by: Metamorphose, Mary Magdalene, Lumiebre, Marble (if you want to skip the talking the fashion show starts around 20:30 onwards)

and here's my question - can anyone identify the song that meta plays at 22:35 - 23:30? song found!

  • redri

Lolita in a blue dress in Oxford Street, London?

 A male friend of mine told me he just saw a girl in a classic pale blue lolita dress with a floral pattern and a cap over in Oxford Street in London, UK! Just wondering if it was anyone from here as she was (I quote) "The most divine creature I have ever seen) and now I'm curious!
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question regarding Baby SF lucky pack~

Hi all!

I was just reminded that Baby SF store is having lucky packs for sale starting tomorrow for Memorial Day weekend (and it's for Japan Earthquake Relief Funding).  

Here's link to the blog post:

I'm really only interested in the accessory LP (because i'm an idiot and bought the blouse/jsk set last month at full price *sigh* totally didn't think they'd put this on sale D:  Sad thing is, i don't even normally like pink!  x___x ).  

I noticed they mentioned in the post that the sets go on sale at 12 noon.  Does anyone know how early I need to go to line up?  Or would Baby SF be not nearly so packed that I can just go at 12 and be able to get a LP?  In general how many LP sets do they have avail for sale?  SF is far enough from me that I don't want to make a random trip and end up coming back empty handed.  hehe


Any lolita CouchSurfers?

For the uninitiated.

Are any travelling lolitas on the CouchSurfing group? I'm travelling to LA and New York next month and I've been searching for frilly couches, but alas I think lolita is too niche to have its own group. (Though I did find some awesome VK looking people.)

So do any of you guys participate on the site? Or do you have an interesting story about encountering lolis abroad?

Edit: Made a CS loli group by request :)