May 26th, 2011


Beauty and the Rose Promise photos/coords!!

Hiii!!! I`m new in the community and this is my first post xD Hello everyone! ^///^

Two days ago I received one of my dream dress *___* red jsk of Beauty and the Rose Promise (Alice and the Pirates), and now I want to see photos of coordinates with this print, I prefer in red color because I have the jsk in this color xD But I want to see photos in any color, jsk, op or skirt! 

I`m looking for inspiration, thought I have some ideas =)

Thank you so muuuuch for your collaboration!!! ^^ 

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Sugary Carnival

"Weekend" Craft Ideas

Hey, lovelies. I was hoping to get a few craft ideas that take a couple hours or a day or two. <3

I just whipped up a pillow today, using leftover fabric I had from my Kayo Horaguchi JSK. (That pretty carousel print I was wearing in my coord. help post) It was so easy! So I thought I'd share and get some ideas to decorate my dorm room next semester!


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