May 25th, 2011

More Stripes From BTSSB/AP?

I'm "flipping" through scans of KERA's June issue, and this dress in the upper left-hand corner catches my eye. The caption says, "Alice and the Pirates,"/"Baby the Stars Shine Bright," and it's black and white striped. This dress looks different from the Kuragehime dress, does anyone have any information on it? Pic below the cut.
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BTSSB JSK special set, BTSSB/AatP sneakers on sale

The JSK set was posted a while ago, but amazingly they are still in stock on-line for size S, M (L is sold out): < Size small JSK, blouse and hair bows set for 13,440 yen < Size medium JSK, blouse and hair bows set for 13,440 yen

I already received my JSK set, it's cute and bargain price for the set (JSK + blouse + hair bows). I'm going to coordinate it with these OTK socks (unfortunately, not on sale but they are a good match).

Update: You can also get the JSK set for only $115 plus tax if your are able to make it to the Baby San Francisco store in person
Baby SF will start selling all packs in store on Sunday, May 29th (not Saturday, May 28th)
The SF store will also have an Accessory Lucky Pack/Happy Pack for only $35.

Sneakers in M, L, LL just went on special a few days ago, and will probably sell out really quickly: < BTSSB Pony in Sweet Dreams Sneakers for 8,610 yen in Off White, Pink, or Black < AandP Appliqué Sneakers for 6,510 yen in Cherry Pink, Black/Off White, or Black

The dress that smelled like motor oil... =/

Hello lovely loli ladies!

I'm in need of some advice today!

About 3 months ago I purchased a dress from closet child (it's AP's whip magic in bright pink if that matters at all), and when it arrived it smelled very strongly like industrial machinery or motor oil or something like that! I washed the dress and the smell remained... I then proceeded to hang the dress outside... it was there for a day, the smell didn't go away. Its since been hanging in the hallway closet and its faded a little but its still there. :/

Closet Child made no mention of any strange smell on the listing at all, so I find it really strange. I've bought other pieces from there before and nothing ever smelled like this.

Anyone have any advice on how to get rid of the smell? Or even what it could possibly be? I haven't tried dry cleaning the dress, but I don't want to waste money on that only to have it not work.

I'm looking to sell the dress right now, as I've registered in an expensive fashion school, and I don't want to have to move back in with my parents! So any help would be great. :)

Edit: Hand washing in cold water and baking soda didn't work! Now that the dress has dried, the baking soda reduced the smell but its not gone completely.