May 24th, 2011


Bodyline troubleshooting

I had a very funny experience with Bodyline in the past days... and I really don't know how to communicate with them. Looks like the English speaking stuff either doesn't want to understand my concern, or they just don't know what to do...

In either case, it's quite ridiculous :)
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Anyone know what the name of this AP skirt is ?

yes i brought this AP skirt, from a Girl at the danish lolita forum.
i coulden't find it on hello lace but i guess its from around 2008

Another thing i saw was that the label is different from the label AP uses now
The label on the skirt                                                         the label on a cardigan i just brought from AP
                                                                                              (im sorry for the blurry picture my camera dident have any more battery)
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Angelic Pretty Birdcage

Loli in the Garden (Coord. Opinions)

Hi everyone! How are you all? I'm hoping for a few opinions on a coord. I made my JSK, but couldn't figure out what to wear with it... (I have no short-sleeved "Lolita" blouses...)

So in my closet I found a bright pink frilled blouse that matches the bright pink accents in the dress, slapped on a pair of bobby socks (which I actually dig,) and tea parties.

Any suggestions on how else I can coordinate this JSK?

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Thanks, everyone~!

P.S. I know it's a bit big, I have to take it in some more in the bodice.
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Looking For a Place to Belong (SAN FRANCISCO)

I am going to be a freshman at San Francisco State University in the fall. I was wondering... what kind of lolita community is there, if there is one? At the University? I've never really been established in a particular community (I am a "lone lolita", so to speak) and I would really like to find a group I can belong to when I start school.

I would greatly appreciate any help. <3
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Stamp cards


I'm on exchange in Japan and I recently managed to fill in a stamp card for AP- when they finished stamping, they had me fill out a form including my address, so I assumed that whatever happened next would be sent to me? I'm sure it says somewhere exactly what, but I've searched high and low using every search term that can possibly describe these things and have had no such luck.

I'm happy to delete this post once answered, but I can imagine someone else in my situation might similarly be interested in the answer in future, and some people might just find it interesting. I don't really know.

So if you can help, thank you in advance!

Also, please let me know if I've done something wrong, it's been a while since I posted here . . .
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(no subject)

Hello, I am currently looking for a dress with a macaron theme that suits my fancy.
So I want to comprise a list of lolita dresses with macaron theme  prints, appliques EXT.
They can be brand, off-brand anything is exceptible. Pictures and links would be greatly appreciated.

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Where to find Goth Loli mooks online?

Does anyone know where I can purchase new Goth Loli mooks online? Or know of a shopping service that could pick them up for me? Not the Gothic & Lolita Bible, "Goth Loli" (or "Gosu-Rori") the sewing mook. I have volumes 12 & 14 that I bought from Kinokuniya Bookstore in NYC, but I very rarely get the chance to do that & I'd like to continue collecting them.

Thanks in advance!