May 23rd, 2011

Art Post/Royal Lion Fabrics- EDITED

Okay so here are the first two fabric designs for the royal lion emblem I posted a while back.
With the red lion it was suggested I just leave the background white and I really like it that way so I did.
For the purpley-lavender one I did stripes with a dark chunk of border at the bottom.

Do these seem alright? Are they still too repetitive and bold or do you think they will come out acceptably?
Also, if you look at any size larger than a yard with the lavender there are some weird white lines that show up. They're not from the image itself, I triple checked. Has anyone had this happen before? Know a way to get rid of them or are they just an image glitch? Thanks lolis.

Edit: Realized I am somewhat color-off and that what I thought was purple is actually blue. I have put up a real purple below along with some editions.


Fanime Lolita Events

As many know there is that hANGRY and ANGRY will be there with a fashion show  at Fanime. Other than that, I'm kinda heading the other two events that are known of currently.

The Picnic (which is a potluck... don't tell Fanime staff :P ) and the Panel.

Previous posts can be found for the events easily on ca_egl

The main thread for the picnic is located here

And for those who don't want to check Fanime Forums. 

Fanime is held at the San Jose convention Center in California. The Picnic is being Held on Sunday May 29th at 11:30 am. It is on the second level of the Convention Center on the Marriott side. You should be able to see us on the patio outside. We have it all to our selves this year :D

I would appreciate it if everyone tried to bring something to share, store bought or homemade. I shall try my best to bring some as well. We will have games and prizes for the winners as well as many a photo taken.

Fanime Staff will be coming to take a photo, if you wouldn't like to be in it I recommend you refrain from joining the group shots during the photo time.

Oh and THANKS SO MUCH for showing interest in this event! :D

And of course for your convenince, the previous posts on ca_egl:

Panel and Picnic post   1st post    2nd post


Baby Antoine bouquet and Chalerose head bow question!

Hi everyone! 

I wondering if anyone have worn pictures of Baby's Antoine bouquet head bow?

Link here:

I love how it looks on the site but looking at the worn photo there it looks like it would sit awkwardly on the head.  I tried to do some google/egl/eglsales search with not much luck. 

Also if anyone have this baby headband as well and have worn pictures, I'd be very grateful!:
It is the Chalerose head bow

Thank you so much!  :D
street sign, Guilty Gear

Running a Budget Lolita panel...

...and wondering what off brands are worth mentioning. In either context. As in "it is good to shop here because X." and "it is bad to shop here because X." Or even "You can shop here, but be careful, because sometimes X."

EDIT:  Thank you to the people who were willing to help me out here. When it comes to budget Lolita, the off brands were the thing I was less knowledgeable about. I know how to make, and how to alter, and I have a pretty good eye for picking out things that can be reconstructed (all things that will be going into the panel.) but I have been put off of off brands by horror stories, and thus, had much less information about them. And since I feel that I can't have too much information about this, all of your suggestions are valuable to me. (Even the ones questioning my ability to do this. It just means I have to study more.)
Bats Day Update LJ Icon

Anaheim, CA The Bats Day 13th year celebration Continues....

Anaheim, CA The Bats Day 13th year celebration Continues....

To help continue to celebrate the 13th year of Bats Day, there will be a Bats Day Holiday Black Market. Details coming soon for vendors and shopping. If you wish to be placed on the waiting list for vending, please send the following to - Email, contact name, company name, phone number & what you are vending.

Once the details are finalized we will send you the vendor application. The waiting list does not guarantee a spot at the Bats Day Holiday Black Market. All spots are on a first come first serve basis on payment.

Mary Magdalene Photos/Coords Request.

Good day lovelies!

I have been searching for photos and coordinations of a few Mary Magdalene dresses and had no luck so far.
They're such a dream and I hope I get to own one of them in the future.
In the meantime, I would like to see how other Lolitas coordinated them since I am not very familiar with Classic Lolita.
It will be such a huge inspiration and I will appreciate it a lot!
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