May 19th, 2011

So, Infanta...

I was planning on ordering a dress from Infanta, but as of at least yesterday their Taobao store is entirely free of any Lolita attire. Upon checking back this morning, the store was selling motorcycles. A bit of a change, nej?

In any case, I was unable to find any sort of news on this change (in English at least), does anyone know what is going on with this?
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Help with understanding two patterns from GLB 26

Can anyone help me with understanding these two patterns from GLB 26 the first one is the Kana 3 tier dress. I figured out where most of the pieces go but the two pieces that look like rectangles with curves one the ends I have no idea where they go.
The second one is the Millefleurs blouse I'm not sure how to make it. I didn't see anything in the memories or tags please point me in the right way if there is already one. Thank you Here are the pics.
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Brand Bags - good quality?

 Hello everyone!

As a rather new lolita, I haven't had the time nor the funds to update my wardrobe with bags other than my beloved Usakumyas! 

I was recently looking into adding an Angelic Pretty or Baby school bag, and was wondering what the quality might be for them? I'm afraid they're going to be the same quality as their shoes... cheap, plasticy enamel that scuffs easily!

Any comments and or reviews would be greatly appreciated! 

Thank you! 

P.S : The one I'm really considering is this one: Baby's School Bag
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Something that's been bothering me for a while: on auctions I pretty often see old prints (as old as Rose Toilette) as "new, with tags".

I find it unlikely that a dress would hang in somebody's closet unworn for three years. Especially unlikely, if the seller mentions having bought the dress off somebody. =/

So, what's the deal? Do the Japanese just wear their Loli with tags uncut, and then resell the clothes as "new"? Or keep the tags and then reattach them? (yeah, I've read about Japanese sellers being trustworthy, but I find it hard to believe in inherent goodness of people based on their nationality =|)
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Tumblr update

Hey girls! it's been a while since we did this! we did it here but i believe we need an update
so, show me your tumblrs with a little description of what you post, and what you follow :)


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 post away! :D :D
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Socks and Tights: Question?

Hey everyone! Where do you all buy your socks and tights? (Besides brand ones, that is.) I really want to find a pair of opaque Harlequin patterned tights, (see icon,) but I'm not finding anything under $20...

I tried Sock Dreams (sold out T^T) and Google searching, but found only leg avenue tights that were too sheer. Otherwise, I'm always looking for great Loliable socks and tights. Where do you shop?

Gr! Why don't my tags work??
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