May 18th, 2011

Fluffy Dreads and Teased wigs/hair

Hey, internet people, I'm looking for pics of ott sweet/deco dreads and teased wigs. Something like Kerli, Emilie Autumn, and Marie Antoinette. Also, If you have any idea's where to get things to make these. (except for obvious beauty supply store)

thanks in advance, you're all awesome.
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Beth bunny

Meet up photos from Wroclaw, Poland

Last Friday we had a meet up in Wroclaw, Poland. We all live in different parts of the country and we used this chance that D played in Wroclaw to meet there. Unfortunately many of us had to hurry to catch a train home so we didn't have as much time as we would've liked to.

We went to a cafe and then we took some photos outside.

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Anime North Fashion Show

I am doing some last minute helping for the fashion show. I am looking for models as many as possible to represent all the styles mentioned below. I am not looking for a specific body type, age, race or anything like that all are welcome to participate. I do ask that you read everything below before commenting 

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Tablo & Tukutz

Coordination + petti help!

 Hello! I'm planning on going to Fanime which is in nine days and my coordination is definitely under fire! I have this Baby skirt and a Meta blouse borrowed from my friend but I have no idea what else to wear it. So typically, I mean which tights or socks. I am a lot more comfortable with tights such it's much preferred. I don't exactly know what style I'm going for.... Punk? Street? Or maybe not even a lolita?! I was thinking just to mismatch a lot of patterns together but I'm not sure. So I was hoping some of you can give me some ideas :'D I haven't worn lolita in about two years so I'm hoping to go all out for this coord! Pictures of the two items are under the cut.

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Vampire Requiem Replica

A friend just showed this to me

Klick for Info
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What do you think? To me the fabric swatch looks a bit off colour-wise, the white seems to harsh.
As an owner of two VRs myself I'm actually a bit displeased that they now start making replicas of AatP prints, but what do you guys think?
It is still not clear what kinds of dresses will be made and which colourways, but will you be getting one?

Announcing the winner of March's contest: Hair Accessory!

 aonele  here stepping in to post the contest entries and winner of March's contest! Without further ado, here are the entries we received in no particular order, but with the winner and honorable mention at the bottom! These photos are REALLY big so don't blame me if your browser crash or you lag because of them! 
Also click on the photos to go to my picasa web album and enlarge the photos manually. Sorry but these photos are huge and not many sites would even host them this big X_X
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April/May Contest & June Banner reminder

Hi folks, please remember that you can still submit something for the Dramatic Make-up contest, which will end on May 31st, 12am US Central time (Or -06:00 GMT)! Full details of the contest here. Click here to submit!

Also, we're looking for more entries for the banner for the month of June! Please see this post for
more info about sending artwork in! We will choose a new general and aesthetic theme after we decide on the banner. Submission ends May 31st, 12am US Central time!


Is this what it's meant to be?

First time poster, so hi!

Me and a friend came across this gown being sold online and my friend took a shine to it:

The seller claims it's Moi Meme Moitie, but we can't for the life of us find it anywhere else, so we thought it a good plan to ask here. Is there anyone here who can shed some light on the problem?

Thankyou in advance!
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chibikonoesmile screncap by aphelion_ori
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Aqua Princess has arrived at Angelic Pretty San Francisco!

I got a call from the sales lady at AP this afternoon letting me know that the black Aqua Princess JSK I had requested for my friend had arrived and I could come in the next two days to check it out. They mentioned to me that they only have another JSK in pink but they have the one piece in all colors (sax, pink, black, mint) and the skirt in sax only I believe.

The items are not in display yet, they were all behind the counter. Some pics of my friend's jumper skirt behind the cut:

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I forgot to ask if they had the headbows in all colorways, she only showed me the black one since I was purchasing the jsk in that color. I hope the pics are useful.