May 17th, 2011

Is it safe to buy from G.L.P.???

Hello everyone! I was walking around my neighbourhood this afternoon and spotted a western Gothic shop down the street. I found a pair of creeper looks awesome and I really like it. The manufacture brand says "Gothic Lolita & Punk" which is "G.L.P." I have never heard of that brand anywhere and they say it's a Japanese company. So, my concern is that are these durable enough to normal wear? Is there any other concerns I should be thinking of about the shoes? The price was pretty fair, 50 CAD for a pair. Does anyone know their quality? How long do they last? Is there any reviews about this brand that I can check out???

Thanks in advance.

Has anyone heard of this website?


I found this site through a quick peek on Facebook. Has anyone heard of this website? What is it about? When I translated the entire site, I still did not understand what it was for exactly; Something about models (but not the idols we know like Misako and Midori), but there is some info about a few Atelier Boz items and they have a Twitter. It looks rather new, too...and clean, thank goodness.

Thanks for feeding my nosiness. XD
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Lolita in Movies?

So, I'm pretty new to Lolita and I am re-watching How The Grinch Stole Christmas, because for some reason I didn't watch the Christmas movies during the holiday season, and I realized that a lot of the outfits from the movie reminded me of the Lolita fashion. Collapse )
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