May 16th, 2011


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I feel like there's an obvious answer to this that I've missed but, for those of you DIY-ers that make flower accessories, where do you buy your flowers? I've been to my local fabric store and while they do have flowers they're fairly unrealistic/cheap-looking or wedding-style flowers. I tried eBay and Etsy as well with no luck for anything that looked nice and was less than $8 for one rose.

I was thinking Taobao might have some but there must be an easier way...

so, where do you guys get your nice fake flowers?

Help with putting together a classic/country outfit?

I have just bought a skirt (( amazingly, from a normal store! )) and I think it would work wonderfully for a Classic Country outfit. I have no idea what sort of accessories would go with that though..

I'm sorry I have no pics, but the skirt is a plain white with adorable brown flowers at the bottom (( Which I might sew some pink into the centers of them to make it a bit cuter )) and it just looks very spring-y. I'm planning on buying some simple brown shoes to go with the skirt and some white knee-high socks or maybe just some white hose, and a simple white blouse to go with it.

But I'm not quite sure as to what accessories would go well. I don't think your typical country lolita straw hat would go well (( It might, but I doubt it.. )) but maybe a nice bonnet would? Not sure where I would find a classic bonnet that would also go with country.. would a headdress work? I've never seen any that would work with Classic and Country..

I think maybe something simple with white and brown in it would work. If you guys know of anything, please let me know! : )

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Wonder NW Lolita Fashion Show

This past weekend in Portland, Oregon, the convention Wonder NW held a lolita fashion show on Sunday afternoon. I met some lovely lolitas in the Portland area (so nice to finally meet some of you!) and volunteered to take some snaps to document the show. Sooooo...BIG photo post behind the cut!
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About shirring

Hello everyone!
I searched through the memories many times befor deciding to post this question, but found nothing that could help me.
I have always wondered how many cm a shirring panel can add to a dresses actual measurements. I am a big girl and struggle quite much to find fitting clothes. Every time I search at hello lace, lolibrary, most brand sites and mbok or Y! Japan I find that the sizing listed is usually NOT the maximum the garment can give. I know a dress/jsk/skirt can have: 1/4, 1/2, full back and full shirring. But I have no clue how much cm/inches each of these will give me! It happens to me all the time that I find a wonderfull dress on a japanese auction site and see on the photos there is shirring, but sadly I cannot know how much thsese shirring panels will add to the piece.
Any hep here? Suggestions, expiriences with different tipes and sizes of shirring?
Thank you so much for your help!
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Kim Myoung Jae

Do you perceive a threat of employment Discrimination for Lolitas?

This has been a concern of mine since I graduated with my B.A. and started looking for a "real" job. For my final goal in this field, which would be something involving psychological counseling, I would pretty much have to leave it altogether ;___; If I run into a client or a parent of a client (if I'm working with kids) dressed in lolita or hanging out with lolitas, it's over with >.<. But that's not for at least 3 years since I'll need a graduate degree for that. Right now, I'm in the clear since the jobs I would be able to find would be clerical or in retail, where I wouldn't have patients, and where at the entry level, I feel that no one cares about one's seemingly alternative lifestyle as long as you don't bring it to work with you XD

But have any of you felt like lolita has negatively affected or will negatively affect your career or your career choices, and you had to hide it or stop it altogether? Do you have concerns about pictures of you in loli being seen by potential employers? I realize a lot of it depends on the profession.

I hope an interesting, edifying discussion will come out of this. There are no right or wrong answers ^_^

Bodyline Shoes! Help, stuck at customs. :( Shoes178

 I ordered some bodyline clothing and I ordered shoes(shoes178). It has been stuck at customs for a week and a half. T.T I finally thought everything was done, so they could send it to me, but they requested footwear details. They are asking me what percentage of weight of entire article : a.fiber b. plastic/rubber c. other. They are also asking me percentage of exterior surface area of upper: a. leather b. plastic/rubber c. other. So when I read this....O.O??? How am I supposed to know the percentage? T.T Please help!
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 So for my birthday my mom was going to get me any lolita dress I wanted,So I went to my favorite web shop Qutieland. I choose the sugary carnival replica (I couldn't put us in the poor house by getting a real AP dress,were not all) so anyways I showed it to my mom and she said "I don't like it, I want you to get the ultimate JSK or OP! The one that turns heads and is just POW!!!"  Well now that I knew that my mom wanted a ultimate,luxury, super princess dress I wasn't gonna give that away! So what I was wondering if any of you had any suggestions. remember it has to be ULTIMATE!

        ~thanks darlins'♥♥♥
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Wigs in hot weather

I feel this is the sort of thing that must have been asked before, but I've been unable to find anything in the memories or search function.

I was wondering how you girls go about coping in hot weather wearing wigs? And not the "don't wear wigs" option. I see alot of pictures of lolitas in hot summer weather wearing full wigs, and just wondered how you stay cool? When I wear a wig I find it keeps me warm like a hat does :/ Does going without a wig cap help or anything like that?