May 15th, 2011

WGW October 2011-Mini-meet up

With the result from my last post about WGW, I've decided that a Lolita meet could be fun and bring some cuteness to the mostly dark weekend.

After some research into what is happening the October I've found that the 'official' weekend (hosted by topmum) will be on the 4th-6th November. I won't be attending this one as, personally, I think Dark Daisy has a lot more going for it this year. They've got a wide range of sellers at the market and their dates crossover with the film festival's.
So here are a few of my ideas, please comment if you like/dislike them or have better ones.Collapse )Collapse )
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A very late lucky pack post! Innocent World LP B

I know, it's super late and no one probably cares about the contents anymore, but I thought it'd be fun to share anyway!

I just received it a couple days ago, probably the latest of everyone that ordered it, but it had to go through my shopping service wich is... a little slow :3 I personally don't mind the wait, because it makes it more exciting :)

So... on to the contents!!!
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