May 12th, 2011

Honoring BIN in an auction

Hey guys I'm not sure where to post this so mods feel free to delete if inappropriate.

I'm currently in an auction in egl sales, and I've recently offered to pay the BIN. Now the girl has posted the BIN (before she just msged me) and another girl has offered a price higher than BIN. She says in her rules she will take the highest offer on items x__x

Is that fair? ): Or allowed. I'm a bit upset since the BIN is super expensive and it took a few days before I decided to give up the money for it.

Btw I have emailed a mod in case something like this does happen. I'm new to auctions so I wasn't sure if my understanding of the BIN was correct...

edit: Yes she is actually asking us to offer higher than BIN...

This thread isn't meant to flame anyone or anything. Just a question to address a question I could not find in egl history.
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Lolitas needed for cute photoshoot! on MAY 20 & MAY 27 & MAY 28

 So I'm a UCLA student doing my photography final and I've decided to base it on Lolitas. I want to take pictures at the UCLA photo studio and a purikura studio. I have a car so I would be willing to give rides to 3 girls. So we'll start off at the photo studio at UCLA at 1pm until 5 (or earlier). I will reimburse your parking which is $6 for 2 hours.

UCLA directions (I'll post more specific directions when I see some people make a commitment)

Then I want to go to a Purikura studio. Here are the ones I've found nearby.
cue studio - rowland heights
cue studio - san gabriel
Round One also a bowling alley :D

(the furthest ones from la unfortunately are ones i've been to and I know are good.)
If you could please comment which one is most convenient for you and at what time I'll make sure to meet you there. Just to be sure I'm paying as they are for my project but if you want one for yourself you'll have to pay T.T However I am willing to give which ever photos you like that I take with my camera.
Wew! that was a lot...throw any questions at me

tips for finding a good tailor?

hello everyone. i've never had a tailor in my adult life, and some of the seams in my skirt are starting to come loose and a few things are starting to get old. i notice there are a couple of alteration shops in my area and because i am new to the area i don't know anyone in the area to ask which one is the best. so i wanted to ask you guys, what do you look for in a tailor before using their service? is there a book that they keep of their work you could look at? are there signs of someone who might not be that skilled? etc.

thanks for the response. :)  

Art-Post/Fabric Idea

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So this was originally supposed to be a stamp for what I wanted to do with it, but nobody can make a large enough stamp for me so I decided to change it to a fabric idea using spoonflower instead. I am going to add some tweaks to it yet but these are just different color ideas I had. Do you think the red and gold should stay a white fabric or should I change the background? About how large should each design be for a skirt or jsk? (there'll be more than one on each). Each of these is shrunk down at the moment so I can fit them all on one page. Thank you!

Edit: the print is going along the hem, not repeated all over the fabric.

Has Bodyline dropped DHL?

I was on the Bodyline today putting together a cart, when I noticed that the only shipping company that popped up on the drop-down menu was EMS. Has Bodyline dropped DHL, or is this just another site glitch?

Should I be worried?



Well, bugger.
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Cyperous wig question!

Hi all!

Just a quick question, does anyone have this particular style of wig from Cyperous?

I believe this is one of the newer gyaru wigs. Doesn't have to be this specific color, any color in this style is fine. I just want to know about the quality/style of it, and if you got pictures of it worn, that'd be awesome! :D I've been doing a bunch of searches in the comm and on google but haven't really had much luck with finding more info on this (potentially because it's relatively new?)

also, i know they ship internationally and they have an English site that you can order wigs from, but i noticed they don't list all their wigs in the English side of the site. If a wig is only listed on their Japanese side (but shows up in the joint cart), i can still order it, right?

Thank you! :D

lolita photographs?

ok so i look at everyone's photos all the time and they are all so beautiful with the pretty borders and what not! and so i got to wondering what kind of photograph editing software/websites do you use? what techniques do you use to edit them?

p.s. if this kind of post isnt aloud let me know and i'll delete it...

;)))) <3