May 10th, 2011

Substyle categorisation?

So it's kinda wide spread that there only are three main styles of lolita. Sweet, Gothic and Classic. At least this is what I've understood from some years of researching. So where does the rest of the substyles fall? For example; does Country lolita fall under Sweet or Classic?

This is simply some thoughts I'm playing with and I got an idea for a little art project where these categorisations may be a bit "important", I guess this is more of a discussion topic of what belongs where above anything else.

So I ask you to discuss this; Where does the different substyles (like country, sailor, pirate, ero, etc...?) fall? Under Gothic, Sweet or Classic lolita? =D
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Identification Help?

Hi! So I'm a pretty big Glee fan and there's a community where people try to identify what the characters are wearing. I've been desperately trying to figure out where this dress came from but haven't found any luck thus far. Eventually, I realised I should try asking the EGL experts on it. I know it probably isn't a proper brand dress or anything but I thought you guys might know anyway. Does anyone know where this dress is from? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Mbok help

I went through the memories and used the search box, but couldn't find anything.

Is there a way to use for mbok? It looks like it's available for everything but that. Also, anyone have any experience with it? I haven't heard very much about this SS.
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Kuniko Kato

The Metamorphose oldschool post got me thinking, I don't think I have ever seen a post about Kuniko Kato's other brands on egl. Kuniko Kato actually left Meta at the end of 2009 and is now focusing on her own brands. Love Dice has been around for several years, but Physical Drop is rather new, and completely traditional Meta looking. Her online store that carries both brands is here and she regularly updates her blog.

What do you guys think? I like Physical Drop because I am not a fan of all the border prints Meta has been putting out to compete with AP and Baby. help!

I just ordered this
and then I went online and read the many horrible reviews and now I'm really scared! Anyone have good experiences? I really don't want my money stolen :(
Also, I read a ton of reviews on here and I'm not a sock puppet or whatever, I promise! Although saying stuff over the internet doesn't say much.

Got an email from Milanoo today, telling me my dress has shipped two days earlier than estimated. I went to the on line customer service help to make sure that my address was typed in correctly since I was being paranoid and the lady on the other line was super helpful and nice!
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 I was looking at the HUGE brand list trying to update my wishlist.. and I was realizing how horribly out of date some of this is. some of the information is wrong, some of the sites have changed, some stores aren't listed, etc.
I was wondering if maybe someone might update it or make a new one? I like having a list of stores to show to people who ask about where to shop and its convenient when I'm looking for something new.
I would do make a new list but I have been so out of the loop, I think it would be a better task for someone else.

Just throwin' it out there..

also maybe some of the memories could be updated better organized :x