May 9th, 2011

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Things People Say

Just wondering at the stuff people say when you (or group) go out in public in Lolita. Personally, I take it all very humorously (the bad/odd comments) and graciously (the compliments & etc.). What have you heard :)?

Here a few in my short experience...

"Are you part of a dance troupe?" - Vendor at flea market

"People don't get dressed up to go about the town anymore, it's lovely!" - Vendor at flea market

"HARAJUKU!!!!!!!!!1!1" - Some Guido-type outside of a bar in Philly

"Love your costume!" - Various

"You look like a pastry." - Younger bro

HAHAHAHA it amuses me when people don't know how to react to fluffy dresses.
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Calling all Vancouver, Canada lolitas!

I'm putting together a meetup at short notice because NTV ( ) is coming to Vancouver to film a segment on Canadian fans of Japanese culture.

EDIT: The meetup will be taking place at 7PM on Friday at Adonia ( ). Please bring money for food as I'm not sure if they'll be compensating the whole group or not.

They are also interested in other Japanese street styles, so if you don't have a lolita outfit but have a wicked Gyaru coord, or an adorable Spank! outfit, please tell me so I can relay it to the organizer and see if you could also work in the shot. c:


Purinyappykura (me)
loliscarecrow (Friday evening only)
cidien (maybe)

Need help picking out a bag

I love all my cute purses but I've been getting a bit tired of having to carry multiple bags in order to take my sketchbook and water bottle (small sized) with me when I go out to sketch things. I've been using a tote and it works, but I still need to carry a separate purse that closes to feel comfortable taking my keys and wallet. I'm looking to get a cute bag that closes, that can handle mild but frequent use and will fit both my sketchbook and my small budget.

So far I've been looking at this:
But it's hard to tell if it will fit what I need it to and I've never owned one of their bags so I don't know about the durability/quality. If anyone could direct me to a review, give me information about this bag, or suggest something else around the same price range I'd be very very grateful.

Thank you!
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Hair gems?

Anyone know of a decent place to buy those little gems you can stick in your hair? There was an eBay seller someone linked to here awhile back who had a ton of them in all different colors, but her store seems to have been closed. I've only found one other site that sells them, and they're rather overpriced, so I thought I'd check here before paying like $9 for 12 little gems. :\
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Trying to find a US Lolita I met in Dublin!

 At around 9pm on Saturday 7th, I was waiting at a crossing on a bridge in Dublin City. I was waiting for the green pedestrian light to appear, looked around in boredom, and accidentally made eye contact with you. You said my dress was pretty (I was wearing mint Melty Chocolate), and I thought you were just a persony person being nice, and then you said that Melty Chocolate was your dream dress and I blurted something along the lines of 'YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS!'  And may have seemed a bit crazy :D

We talked briefly, and I'm sorry I wasn't able to talk a bit longer, but we were rushing to get the bus home. Would love to find you or hear from you, you seemed really cool, but I didn't even get a chance to ask if you were on LJ, so here's hoping! *fingers crossed*
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clobbaonline question.

Collapse )  Hi! I have a question (sorry if this has been asked before) about Clobbaonline. Because when you click on "shipping" in the top menu of the Clobbaonline website. There is a page that shows 5 different methods to ship your items. But what shipping method is the best/cheapest one?  

I hope anyone can help me with this question!
TX a lot everyone xxx
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Lolitas needed for cute photoshoot!

Hello there!
My name is Amy but feel free to call my Amycakes. Right now I'm a design|media arts UCLA student approaching her finals for her photography class. I've decided I'm going to do a research project on Lolitas. I've only recently gotten into the fashion myself (having only one dress and some shoes). So what I'm looking for are Lolitas in full outfit to take photos in 1) a natural gathering 2) a cute japanese photo booth [if you know of any good ones in LA suggestions would be great! but I've found the best ones to be at Cue Studios in San Gabriel, Rowland Heights and Arcadia] 3) the UCLA Photo studio.
I'm available all day Friday May 20. I am attending a Lolita meet up ( at a sushi bar May 21 @ 6pm taking part and taking photos if you are interested. I am also available all day May 27 + 28. Whichever day we can get the most girls all together. I have a car but can really only carry 4 girls (especially with those pretty outfits). If there is anyway we could meet up at Royal-T take some photos there and then head on over to cue studio in arcadia Or I don't know if it's easier for you to just meet in arcadia cause I prefer the Purikura photos over the studio. We could devote one entire day to Purikura, the next to the ucla photo studio and the next we can meet at a cafe and take photos there.
If you could please reply, send me an email or contact me somehow so I can make a definite schedule.
I would appreciate your help so much!! I could basically only repay you by giving you digital files of the photos I take and if I have enough money I can send prints!
sorry for the HUGE post but thanks for reading if you got this far. Look forward to hearing from you!


Buying from Emily Temple Cute?

 Here's my sad story:
I've completely fell for a dress I saw recently on Emily Temple Cute's blog yet I'm not quite sure how to go about getting it. I usually just buy their stuff of Y!JA but I can't find it on there. I'm aware I'll need some sort of shopping service but I don't know which to use seen as they don't even have a webshop. Does anyone know of or could anyone provide me with a reasonably priced in-store shopping service? Thank you so much! <3
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