May 8th, 2011

Visual Merchandising images

Hello lolita enthusiasts!

I'm doing a studying visual merchandising at the moment and was wondering if anyone had a couple of clear largish images showing either front window displays or indoor displays, especially displays that have a theme; like floral collection, seasonal patterns and the props used to help display the image. I'm not particular on what brand, your help is greatly appreciated!


Bodyline wig colors

Hello lovely lolitas! I'm planning to order a wig from bodyline but I can't decide the color. On the stock photo the girl wears a black one, but I want a kind of brown but I don't know this color samples are really showing the true color of the wig. I hesitate about this three colors:
Wig colors
Please help me girls, if somebody ordered a wig which has the color of this browns, can you show me a picture of it? I hope somebody can help me ^^ Thank you so much!
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Hi EGL, give us your opinion please!

Hi everyone, all of us mods are currently trying to make changes to the sales queue. Specifically, we've been told that we should be more strict when it comes to letting items through the sales queue. We want to hear what you have to say about the issue to see if this is a community-wide concern or if only a minority of the community feels this way.

On a whole, should the sales comm be more strict or lenient in terms of letting things pass the queue?

More strict! I see too much non-lolita items being passed off as loliable or clearly lolita!
It's fine as it is. Please do not make any changes.
More lenient! I enjoy seeing more variety of items!
After you've answered the poll, please help us improve by leaving us a comment and let us know how we can improve! Questions and concerns related to the subject at hand are welcomed too. Thanks!

Building a wardrobe (Thanks for all the responses!)

How long did it take each of you lovely ladies to build up a loli wardrobe? Did it take you a few years, a few months, two seconds? (if so, I want to know your secret.) I'm not particularly worried about how you acquired your loli pieces (although you can give suggestions and tips if you really want), just how long it took for you to build what you would consider a sufficient loli wardrobe.  I thought this would be an interesting question to ask seeing as I am slowly, painstakingly trying to build a real loli wardrobe and feeling very inept and behind compared to everyone else.

Edit: Thanks for all the wonderful answers! I didn't expect this much of a response! I also think I should clarify here and say that I have a pretty good understanding of how to shop for loli and where to get it, etc. I've been into Lolita for over a year now. I just don't have a real steady flow of income, and that's why my wardrobe is so small. But thanks for all the shopping tips anyway!

Fanime Meetup?

I've never posted here, only creeped, and am pretty unfamiliar with the comm's layout, but I was wonderfing if there was a meetup for Fanime 2011 planned? I looked a bit but couldn't find one.

also, being unfamilar with this comm it said I couldn't tag posts so I am assuming the mods do it.

Whitby Gothic Weekend: Does anything lolita related ever happen there? Plus my rococo boy-style

I've been going to WGW since I met my boyfreind (nearly two years now) and one year there was a lolita party (but it was private).
I know that some lolita go (I've seen you) but there doesn't seem to be any real events or meets etc. Am I looking in the wrong places, like the almanack or is there really no lolita events?
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