May 6th, 2011

crown, roses


I came across this awesome looking vintage-type blouse the other day while shopping the local Salvation Army store. It's sheer, but has pretty ruffles on it. The color is an off-white/beige.

Loliable? If so, how? Thanks! ^_^

blouse loliable ruffles
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is there such thing as 'replica jewellery'?

Hi! :3
I was just wondering, you can get plenty of clothing replicas, but are there any sites that sell replica jewellery? I'd really like a chocomint star clip (I know, I'm THAT original), and I'd like some melty chocolate to go with my jsk... but whenever any is posted on the comm, I'm never fast enough to get it! That, and it's sometimes very expensive... not that I think it's not worth however much, but I'd feel terrible if I spent £30 on a ring. A plastic ring. I just can't help thinking about all the NEEDED things I could have bought with that much >.< Or all the people who would look at me in horror if they knew I'd done it! 

Thanks :D