May 5th, 2011


Just an Update on SC Replica Delays...

I'm not sure if this deserves its own post but I know a lot of people were in the same situation of waiting for their SC Replicas.

I just wanted to post and let everyone know that I've just been contacted by Clobbao and told that my skirt is ready to ship! Hopefully this means an end to most of the wait. For the record, I ordered on March 14th.

Has anybody else heard anything?

First kodona coord, need help accessorizing!

CC very welcome! Tear me apart if you have to!
 Hi egl, I recently got into kodona. So far I have the basics down, but i'm not sure what is okay or not.  I'm not a huge fan of sporadic studs and chains, but they do look nice when placed well.

Things I am contemplating: 
- Getting a pocket watch + chain for my vest pocket
- Instead of having this tacky tie tied as a bow, make a jabot with lace (need help picking out lace. I have no eye for it!)
- Adding ruffles to the end of my coat
- Making stockings/socks with ruffles on top.
- A short top hat
- Monocle/eyepatch, Are eyepatches over done?

Is it normally okay to not have socks/stockings? Boots are optional right? I can just have dress shoes?
I made the shorts(MAN the darts didn't show up well :(..) and coat, and shirt and vest was bought. 
Feel free to mspaint accessories on me it'd be sweet. :)
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This is where I might place some accessories:
 I hope you guys can tell what they are haha. That thing over my phone/hand is the pocketwatch chain
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Oh and this is the shirt I want to tear apart and use the fabric for my socks. Striped white/navy blue socks yay or nay? 
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This isn't going in the coord, but for future use I want to use this fabric to make me new shorts. Too flashy for kodona?
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TaoBaoSpree issue

 I ordered about a month ago, sent in the money for the items, and I sent Lucy an email asking her about my items. She asked me if I had paid. I said yes and sent her screen shots. She then stated that she had missed it and said "would you want go on the order?" But I am trying to make sense of this. Anyone have a guess? I am guessing she meant..something about sending the order in? 

Birthday Tea Party questions

Hey there this year is a special year. On 11/11/11 I will be turning 25 and I decided that I want to have a tea party. I'm still deciding if I want to have it at a tea house or at my house. I just moved to a new state and I dont really know to many people, but then again I might go back to my hometown to celebrate with all my friends. Anyways, What I was wondering is what kind of activities could I do. Something hands on, maybe creative. there will be lolitas and non-lolitas there as well a maybe a couple of children (3-4 yrs). Also, What are some good Fall teas? I'm still a beginner so any advise would help! Thanks in advance! 
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wonder party

Alice in Wonderland Themed Restaurant

Hello all~!
I was on The Chive today and came across a post about an Alice in Wonderland themed restaurant, and thought I'd share with you all!

Nope, you didn’t fall down the fabled rabbit hole. You’re merely witnessing the magic of Fantastic Design Works Co.’s new Alice In Wonderland inspired restaurant in Tokyo. The entire story unfolds within the walls of the 2,000 sq. ft. restaurant, from beginning to end. Upon entrance, guests are graced with oversized vintage books, mirrored walls, and polished checkered floors. Making your way to your table, you will find that larger than life grass hedges encase each table. Dramatic theatrical elements are in play throughout the entire space accompanied by intense lighting, various spots of color on the ceiling, and table napkins that sit upright, threatening to march away at any given moment. Fantastic Design Works Co. designed a private dining room that’s fit for a queen! The queen of hearts and the rest of her deck is the main theme of the intimate dining space. The restaurant is an acutely literal take on the 1951 animated movie as it is divided into themed sections that reflect certain scenes from the film. If you are in the Tokyo area stop by for a bite, you never know where it could lead you!

Check out more info and pictures here at Knstrct~

Attention all Arizona Lolitas

Attention Arizona Lolitas:

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Just wanted remind the lolitas in the Arizona area of our Candy land tea party at Phoenix Comic Con. We are still looking for contestants and entries. Here's a link to our event.( If you would like to read the info then I have copy and pasted it under the cut for those interested. Thank you.

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Secret Pockets in your garments?

 ok. now sometimes lolita bags are so darn cute ...but they're not even big enough to hold out cell phones or makeup
or sometimes you just dont have one that matches your outfit!! :X

where are some places you have (or think it's practical to add) secret pockets in loli?

i have two in my bloomers... one to hold my phone, the other for my wallet. it's a little awkward sticking my hand up my skirt to get them, but how about you?
a sense of stillness; before the storm

Fluffy-romantic-sweet photos over the Easter

So in our Easter break, a friend and I decided to go photoshooting. Sadly, the weather was awful (again) and I only have a few photos worth posting. u_u

Warning for femslash content/shoujo-ai/girls being all cuddly. I think we're all pretty open here, but just to put it out there. Nothing more graphic than... cuddling, by the way. Pictures are also rather large. Sorry about that.

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