May 4th, 2011

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Feedback on a preliminary design please!!

Basically, it's a blouse, a faux-leather vest and a lolita-style skirt. I'm going for a Steampunk Lolita style, but I have a hard time getting a really lolita look to anything I design myself. This is the second version of this design. My first had long, poofy sleeves and a neck ruffle, closer to a victorian style than this. The skirt falls just past the knee (had to crop it due to the 400 px restriction).

I haven't designed the back yet - but any ideas for that would also be appreciated!

Input please?

EDIT: Thanks to everyone who commented!! I got some great ideas and will continue to work on this.
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Meetup "gifts"?

Hello everyone!

So I'm going to my first meetup and I want to bring something for the rest of the girls attending. Whether it'd be sweets or cakes or some small crafts or something, but I'm not sure of what.

What would you appreciate to get as a small gift on a meetup?

Any help would be appreciated. ^^ Thank you!
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First review! Arda Wigs

Hello everyone, I wanted to share my first wig review on my blog here. It isn't a strictly lolita blog or a strictly lolita wig review, but I remember reading some posts sometime back concerning questions about Arda Wigs. Wigs also being popular now I thought any information on a good wig seller is good information. Please do comment here or there and let me know what you think. Constructive criticism is always appreciated and helps me learn.
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Career Lolitas (and other subculture types, if you are goth or mori or anything else too)

First up, this is NOT a "how can I be more Loli at work" post. I know that has been done to death, and that's not my question. I'm really more curious about people who have "career" type jobs. Jobs that are a 9-5ish, where you are working full time, on a career path, and must, absolutely MUST wear a conservative suit. I am starting to look for jobs in a VERY conservative field, but one that I love and am proving to be pretty good at.

I'm transitioning out of the world of working as a freelance artist who mostly works retail, and into this new, conservative profession. But, I'm starting to get a little worried about how to balence my personal life with my professional life. At any job I have, I must maintain a professional image among my career peers. What if one of them sees me in Lolita  outside of the office? Does anyone here have a conservative career job but is still active in a subculture on their own time? How do others balance their career life with their personal life? for the record, I'm older, late 20's and my style tends to be more classic-loli, retro-loli, or gothic lolita when I do go Lolita, and is usually more straight up Vintage/Quaintrelle when I'm not.

Anyway, I'd just love to hear some thoughts from other Lolitas who have conservative traditional jobs.