May 3rd, 2011

Where can I find this dress...?

 I was watching a video and this dress was shown.  It is an Emily Temple Cute OP with an Alice In Wonderland tea party print.  I am in love with it!!!  Does anyone know where I could find this dress to purchase, if It is possible?  I went to the ETC website but did not find an online store, perhaps I am looking in the wrong place?  It is probably a stupid question but I am terrible at finding things online so any help is appreciated. ^^; Thank you for looking!

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Anna House custom sizing and cost?

Thanks to all the meticulous reviews here on EGL, I'm now confident in my descision to purchase my first lolita dress from Anna House! My only issue is, I'm unsure about the length and how much it would cost to bespoke it. I sent them this email on Sunday:

How much would it cost to bespoke item 015-1075 to measurements bust: 31 inches and waist: 24 inches?
Also, my height is 5 feet, 2 inches. Will the dress be knee length or will it be longer on me?
Thank you,

They replied on Tuesday:
We can make the dress fit your measurements, and our may longer on you. We suggest you to bespoke custome size.
Kind regards,
Anna House

??? They didn't answer my first question! I know that it costs a bit more if you want a  larger size than what they offer, but what about a smaller size? The OP I want is 36.5 inches long, which is quite past my knees! I'd like it to be at or slightly above that point. Any other "pocket lolis" out there who have asked Anna House to shorten/smallify a dress? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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hello newb here!

I was wondering if people prefer to buy from Qutieland over Clobbaonline? Which is better?

Also besides the stuff being somewhat costumey on bodyline are their shoes and accessories nice? or should I buy shoes somewhere else like on the two I mentioned above?

does anybody know where I can get a good pair of RHS as well?
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Vampire Knight

How much do used Large Usakumya Rucksack/Backpacks go for?

I understand that they are over $200 in stores (I saw one at the SF store and died because I didn't have enough to purchase it). On average, how much do the Large Usakumya Rucksack/Backpack go for? I heard around $160, but that was only from one individual. I am interested in trading (a lot of items since I'm way short on cash being a broke college student with no job... -.-) for one and don't know where I should estimate the value. Thanks!

Wig Question

Does anyone know where to get wigs like the cosplay usa pigtailed ones on taobao? I'm placing an order and running short on time, so i need it fast, and i looked through all the wig stores listed, searched the memories and looked through the taobaofocus cosplay list, and only found this: The problem is, they can't make it in time. Do you know any other places? I was hoping to have a base wig like this one to take the falls off for casual days.
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Gloomy Bear Collaboration Questions

I am a huuuuuge Gloomy Bear fan, and ever since I saw the BTSSB x Gloomy collaboration, I really wanted the apron/dress. But I've only just recently started to seriously contemplate trying to buy it. Well, of course the darn thing is sold out. Duh. Although I had hoped it would still be for sale...

I'm curious if anyone remembers how much it was sold for, and whether or not anyone has ever spotted it on Mbok, Yahoo Japan Auctions, etc. I'm also curious about the different versions I've seen. One appears to have claws, while the other does not.

I've also heard this apron/dress was a pattern in a magazine before actually being sold. I'm wondering if this is true, because then there's a chance I could hunt it down and perhaps try to commission one.
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Question about AP

I bought some things from Sheep Garden series off the official AP site. The status page shows that my package arrived to the storehouse on 28th, but the shipping payment still shows up as unconfirmed.
Is it normal for AP? I only bought from the official site once, back when you had to pay separately and now I'm getting worried...
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