May 2nd, 2011

Princess Portal

This may sound as a weird question, but I was wondering if some of you lovely girls maybe saved entries from the Princes Portal blog on your computer? I have a few like; 'setting goals' and 'why should you keep a diary', but I would love to read some more of what she wrote.
Please comment when you can help me ^^ Thanks a lot!
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I`ve looked through the search, but couldn`t find what I was looking for. Does anyone know where to buy light colored wigs, almost like a pastel color? I know mintymix and cosplaywigsusa sell wigs that I`m looking for, but they don`t seem to be in stock. Any recommendations would be very helpful.
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Lolita Panel

 So I've been asked by my local con to host a lolita panel next year. The problem is I'm usually working conventions and have very little time to check out panels so I have no idea what should be in a panel. So what I'd like to know is what YOU would want in a panel, what do you think that someone who has no idea what lolita is should know, what is are things newbs need to know, what resources should I list, which substyles I should talk about. I know I'm going to make a ppt of brands that highlights the current styles and big brands and I might add in smaller brands, I'm going to put something together about taobao and other replica/bodyline/anna house type places, i want to write up a list of places to stay away from and things to look out for, I'll have something with the handbook and main lolita websites, but other than that I'm not sure I need. I'm starting now so that it actually gets finished because I have a lot of schoolwork, two jobs, and taking care of my niece not to mention my other commitments with the con. I plan on updating the comm with my lists and etc as I go because things like where to stay away from could help newbs.
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Innocent World help

Hi, so I've been saving up for ages for an Innocent World dress and was planning it buy one this summer.
I want to get the Rinks/Lynx OP (this one only its suddenly disappeared from the webshop!
I've checked the stock information and its not listed as being sold out (and the dress page didn't say anything like "Few Left") It just poofed!

Do you guys think this is because its now summer (and the dress looks more like a winter piece to me with the high neck and long sleves) and it may therefore return later in the year? Or do I need to find another dream dress on IW?

Just looking for reassurance really!
Also does anyone else own the dress? Do you have any worn pics????

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Usakumya Bag Question(Large, Medium or Paris Large sizing help?)


I had a question about the Usakumya Bag~

On the BTSSB website, they sell this one :

but would that be considered a Medium or a Large? Some have told me that it is considered a large since the zipper is on the back and not the head.

However, other's have told me that it's a medium because only Paris stores have the Usakumya Large. If so, how much bigger is the Paris Large than the one on BTSSB's website?

Thank you for your help!

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Quick question about AP's store...

I purchased an item from their site, and when the payment was processing it gave me an error message and said the payment didn't work... but the payment shows up on my Paypal account and Paypal sent me a receipt. I paid with an echeck via a confirmed Canadian bank account so the money hasn't been taken out of my bank account yet.

I didn't receive an email or receipt or anything from jp-stores, either. The item is also still in my cart...

Did the payment go through and did I buy the item successfully? Should I contact them about this? Or is this a common problem?

Thank you!