May 1st, 2011


Set Searching

I am searching for a site such as lolibrary or hellolace that organizes their dresses by set, or collection. Even sites that list them as connections to a main dress are fine.  Essentially anthing that lists my head-piece and wristlet choices when I find a dress I particularly like.  Thank you very much.

In part I am looking for the Paris no Mado, or Paris Windows, set of headpieces.  I am aware there is a side bow for the series, but if anyone has other information, please comment.

Teacup Brown

Candy Threads new ice cream print and designs

Hello everyone I’d like to show you some of the things I’ve been up to and get some feedback on some ideas. I’ve finished a few commissions and will be opening skirt commissions for my past fabric designs as well as shefallssoftly's Octopus print in the next few weeks. I am also looking into getting my newest design done in a factory.

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Miranda Cup Cake shoe color

So I'm looking to buy these shoes ( in either lavender or purple, but their color swatches are tiny, and I'm not sure how each color will look next to the cork/in real life. So I ask you egl, do you have these shoes, and if so can I see a picture of the color? Thanks dears! Alternatively, if you have other Miranda shoes in lavender or purple I'd like to see those too, because they should be the same swatch correct?


ok so my dad really loves the lolita/ega style and he'd like to dress up and go to a meet with me. he's a very fancy guylol and a hoot to be around.anyways does anyone know of any stores/webstores that would be appropriate for and older gentleman but is still lolita/ega?

Thank you all for the advice i'll check them out!!!

Lief on Hiatus

So I'm sure a lot of you guys are aware that lief_lj  has gone on hiatus as klanaide  has not heard from tikim3 in over a month.

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I've heard a lot of problems with Lief's construction, but I'm wondering if others have also never received their purchases?  I know klanaide  has done all that she could to get in touch with tikim3 , but at this point I feel as if Lief's behavior warrants being put on the scammers list until she works out all current customer service problems. Does anybody else feel the same way?