April 30th, 2011

lolita, sweet lolita


 I feel rather displaced, but I cannot for the life of me find a place for EGA or, essentially, boys who are into the male side of the fashion. It's hard enough to come by, after all. Perhaps I'm the only one to gripe about this (as I've noticed an utter lack of males, even as followers, thus far in this site). Maybe I'm just odd?

Admittedly flamboyant but-- ah. Anyone?
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1) Lolita craft possibilities 2) Fantasy: Gold dwarven lolita

I would actually like input on two topics.

1) I got a couple of potentially lolifiable charms on sale. I've never done any crafts before in my life, any idea what I could turn them into? I'd like pictures for inspiration.
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2) A dwarven (Forgotten Realms Gold dwarf) character of mine has spontaneously decided to be a lolita. What do you think a dwarven lolita might look like? What cuts would complement a dwarven frame? So far all I've got is a crown-shaped mace. :3 (With spikes. Adorable spikes.)
Also, in Second Edition all dwarves, regardless of gender, grew beards. As far as I'm concerned, this means my dwarven lolita has adorable sideburns.
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2nd Transformation? eh?

ok so I did one already I know, but I wanted to make a better one! :D So here is a MORE step by step transformation for me! ^_^ ENJOY!

Also, wanna know a secret? This dress has polka dots on it near the bottom, and the ribbon that ties around the waist! ^^ YAY POLKA DOT THEME TOO! hahaha If I had worn my cardigan like I wanted to, I would have had more polka dots. But it was too hot! Oh well, that's Florida for yah. xD
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About to make my first Taobao order!

Ordering some cheap dresses and blouses off a couple of Taobao sites. 







Is there anything else in this sort of style I should look at? Particularly the last dress, I love the floral style. I would love more dresses in that style, I would really like some dark green loli dresses too but didn't see any. I went through most of the links on the various lists I've seen posted here and that was mostly all I was interested for the time being, there were a couple of more expensive dresses but I want to try some cheap ones for now to pad out my wardrobe and see what it's like being loli. 

I could do with some better tops blouses, and maybe some head-dresses jewelery, shrugs, petticoats etc. I could do with some generic cheap blouses to wear with various dresses, but I couldn't find any in shops here that fit me well, and also looked decent.

Also what service should I use? I'm thinking of going with dollypoddle.

I have to go custom sizes for everything because of my large frame. I kind of want these by the 6th of June, do you think they'll arrive by then if I order soon enough? Thanks!


Apparently this http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=9952521571 isn't available in a custom size. Does anybody know a similar dress that is? Thanks! 

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Birthday party!

Hi, everyone!
I want to share with you the video-slide-show from our little lolita-birthday-party)
We celebrated two "birthdays" - mine and my friend's - Iruka-chan)))
We'd this party at "Coffee-time" - it's cafe in Moscow "Alice in wonderland" stylized. Very nice place!)
You know, cakes, wine and our lovely friends made this day one of the happiest day in my life ♥
We hope you'll join it! ♥
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