April 29th, 2011


Slightly Belated Bodyline Review

I ordered a couple dresses and a skirt from Bodyline a couple weeks ago, and here is my rather belated review. Its not going to be in depth when it comes to quality, but at least it might give someone a decent visual reference if they are interested in these items.

For reference, my measurements are about 41" Bust, 32" waist, 45" hips.

Follow the fake cut to my journal!

Tornadoes in Southern US

While not strictly Lolita, I thought that this was important. Wednesday the 28th several states in the southern US got hit by massive tornadoes, with the death toll currently at 281, 128 in Alabama alone. I know many of the US lolis either live in these states, or have family living there. Are our girls and guys safe? I don't know if there's a Red Cross fund for the tornadoes right now, but if I find out about one I'll post a link to it.

Edit: Thanks toczol  we have a twitter text donation here. Thanks! Also, sounds like the lolis around U of A are all safe.

Print help ♥

Hi lovelies ♥

I was wondering where this print might be originally from...

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It's from RTBU on ebay, but they normally do replicas.
If anyone knows if it's an original print or a replica please let me know ^^
It looks like MAM or Putumayo-esque to me...?

[EDIT] Answered! It's from Mam 2009, thanks! ^^
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TOMORROW: Sakura Matsuri at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Sakura Matsuri is finally here!

A few reminders and announcements!

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Tomorrow is going to be a beautiful day, high 60's, breezy and sunny, make sure you have your parasols and a sweater just in case!

We are meeting around 11:30-NOON outside the Eastern Parkway entrance, if you are entering by another entrance or coming later just look for us, if you need my cell phone number just PM me and I'll be happy to give it to you!

More details, maps, pricing, etc in the original post.

See ya'll there!
LHC Troika by me
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At the San Francisco EGL stores

I took some time off this afternoon to visit Angelic Pretty, I don't visit often so it is a bit of a treat.

They have all colors for the Sheep Garden series and it is featured in the window right now. It is very pretty. They also have the Marchan Ribbon series. It isn't in the floor so you need to ask for it. They have pink, sax and black.

The lady who helped me was very sweet. I was looking for Aqua Princess for a friend. They told me that they might have it within two or three weeks since it was just released in Japan. They are not sure if they are going to do any reserves or it will just come with a shipment, they are still discussing it.  I also spied this little bag:  http://www.angelicpretty.com/shopping/item/other/bg/112bg-18225/112bg-18225.htm 
I saw two and they are adorable!

Black Peace Now is having a 30-50% off throught their store, look for the tags. Some really nice deals out there for those who like the gothic look. Nice choices in skirts, apronts, some dress sets and boleros. Please check it out, some really nice deals right now!

That's it from sunny San Francisco!
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fanime 2011

i am attending fanime for the first time (coming from canada) and wondering if there is going to be any sort of gathering or tea??  
also, is it difficult to go to the new people building / japan town area in san francisco from the con?  i saw it is a 2hr transit trip on googlemap, but i dont know how confusing the route is irl OTL

any help is appreciated, thank you for your time :)

Hello Lace is Looking for Translators for V.2.

Hello everyone!

As you may or may not know, we're currently working on version 2 of Hello Lace, which will have several new features. One of these is the ability to browse the site in other languages, as I'd like to make it accessible to a wider audience.

Right now we're translating the site into Spanish, Dutch and Swedish. (as in, we have translators for these.)

We're mainly looking for a French and German translator, but other languages are of course also very welcome. You have to be fluent in English and the language you're translating into.
The entire website will need to be translated (however, not the current wardrobe).

As a translator of Hello Lace, you will be considered a staff member. In other words, we will need you to stick around in case something new needs to be translated. :)

Thank you for reading!
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