April 27th, 2011

Skirt waistband alteration tutorial


This alteration is one I've done to a couple of brand skirts now - it's a relatively easy way to add a few more inches to the waistband of a skirt without interfering too much with the general integrity of the waistband. If you don't adore big waist bows, and want a slightly bigger waistband, put your waist ties to good use! As a bonus, there's a wee tutorial at the end on making a little bow accessory - I've turned this one into a cute side-bow to match the Midsummer Night's Dream skirt I altered. Click the picture for a link to the tutorial :)
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Angelic Pretty San Francisco question

hey all ^^

I've been thinking about sending my friend in California off on a little shopping trip to AP in San Fran... but as it's way on the other side of the world and I don't want to send my friend in twice, I'm wondering if there's any way I can know approximately what they have in stock there? Is it the same stock as the webshop? I know with Moitié that some things that are sold out in the webshop are still hanging in shops, so I assume it's the same with AP, but I may be wrong.

My problem is that I don't just want "Print XYZ in such and such a colorway", but I'm looking for a few things in a certain style, just not any one item in particular.

I also need to make sure things fit me, though I trust my friend to guess that, but unofficial measurements would maybe also be helpful. I know how to find official AP measurements on their website, but when you read measurements on the sales comm, it seems that quite often things can be more (or less!) generous than the official sizing (this is why there are so many questions about sizing, I guess! *lol*)

So.. ordering from an SS without knowing the current stock off by heart.. how do you guys do it? ^^

Bonus question: can you order online from BTSSB Paris or do all online orders come from Japan?


Lolita crafts

It's the evening and I'm feeling bored, so I made a little poll for fellow lolitas. The fashion is a rather crafty one and I was planning to do a few fun projects as tutorials. So, what are your crafts of choice and what you'd like to see step-by step? Don't forget to mention your preferable style!

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is this considered lolita?

okay so last year i borrowed a blouse from a friend of mine so i could wear my gothic lolita to a convention - but seeing as it didnt fit me right (to short) i want to get a blouse or cutsew of my own - now looking through some online stores i found this top and was wondering if with a few modifications (like adding lace) if it would be considered a lolita or not

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Mighty Harajuku Project at Sakura Matsuri NYC

Have you ever heard The Mighty Harajuku Project? If not, it's a earthquake relief effort created by Sebastian Masuda, the guy behind %6DokiDoki. For the most part he's post pictures and updates on his personal blog about what's going on in Harajuku.

He's also encouraging people to show their support through pictures. One example is Electric Alice. While they just held up signs it's showing illustrating to people Japan will get through this. And it's a good idea if you are one of those people who want to help but aren't sure how.

For those who are attending Sakura Matsuri in Brooklyn this weekend, I'll be taking pictures to send to Masuda. I was wondering if anyone is interested in participating in this project? If so, feel free to comment below. (just want to get an idea of how many people would be interested).

I will be mainly at the NYAF/NYCC booth, but I will be stopping by the Saturday meet-up now and then (ideally between 1-2 depending on how busy it is).

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Note: This is entirely voluntary and you don't have to if you don't want to.

Even if you're not in the area this weekend, I really encourage doing this if you're unsure how to help.

See you this Saturday/Sunday!
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A question for the community (Discussion)

I guess this question goes along with the Ultimate Unanswered Question of Lolita, that is, "What does it mean/how do you qualify as a Lolita?" But my question is slightly different.

If you met someone who had been in Lolita for years, say, five or more, and they didn't have on piece of brand clothing- not even a hairbow or something- even though they had the money, what would you think of them? Would you still consider them Lolita, personally?

I ask this question because I actually don't plan to ever buy brand. In fact, I plan NOT to. Their designs usually don’t appeal to me, and the ones that do, I could never fit into.

I've always tried to stay away from large brands, except for basic necessities, but for clothes that go towards a specific fashion, I've always bought things from independent seamstresses and non-brand companies. (It worth mentioning I can’t sew my own clothes. I’m taking lessons, but believe me, I just don’t have the gift.)

Yes, I realize that Lolita is very brand-oriented. Will I just have to change my ways? Or is this way of buying okay? Would you still consider me to be a Lolita if I planned to never buy one piece of burando even if I had the money?

EDIT: Thanks guys! I guess i have my answer now. I was reading to deeply, I think. I'm really self-conscious about how I look to other Lolitas, more so than I what I look to the general public, so sometimes these kinds of things weigh on me.


Picture Request: Polka Dot JSKs/Dresses?

I absolutely love the look of polka dots, and especially black fabric with white polka dots, but I have not been able to find much of anything in this fashion that rock the whole polka dot look. If anyone has some stock images or links to polka dot items, dresses and jsks preferably, I'd absolutely love to see them!

This is my first real post to Egl, so please excuse and correct me if I've made any mistakes! I tried to tag but LJ is not agreeing with me atm.