April 26th, 2011

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Deconstructed Lolita Pic Request

Hi. I've been searching everywhere for deconstructed lolita pictures and I'm only finding a few. I'm planning an outfit for a convention. Would anyone have any pictures of deconstructed lolita by any change? Anything would be really helpful and greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Identify this BTSSB Coat?

I've asked this before, but I've come up short and I'm getting a little desperate.

Last year I bought a BTSSB coat at a Convention, and I still have no idea what its name is, nor do I have any stock images of it.

From what I have found out, it's based on some sort of Japanese sea demon or something. It's got a hood with horns on it.

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Anime Boston Person Search

LOOKING FOR: You wore a blue and ivory BTSSB dress, it was a Rococo style print and was your dream dress. I think I gave you the wrong number for my cell phone. Please contact here.

OTHERS: I wore all black and a pink wig for the last two days. If you saw me or talked to me and want to keep up, just comment here.

Thank you!

Lolita meet-up in Oslo May 2011


Hei der alle lolitaentusiaster,
jeg vil gjerne invitere til et lolita-treff i Oslo lørdag 14. mai 2011 ELLER lørdag 21. mai 2011 (avhengig av hvilken dag det er meldt finest vær). Treffet vil foregå i Uranienborgparken, en stor, nydelig park med vakre trær og blomster. Treffet blir av typen "te og kaker i parken", en perfekt anledning til å bli kjent. Lolitaantrekk er påkrevd, men lolitaer av alle stiler er hjertelig velkomne! Nærmere informasjon om tidspunkt og eksakt møtested kommer snart. Si ifra hvis du vil være med, vi trenger minimum fem påmeldte som er meget sikre på at de møter opp, for at det skal bli noe av. Håper du kan være med!

Du trenger ikke være norsk for å være med! 

Hvis noen trenger skyss fra Hurum, Sætre, Røyken, Heggedal eller Asker, kan opptil tre personer sitte på med meg.

Denne tråden er paralellpostet: http://forum.desu.no/showthread.php?t=25110&p=281362#post281362


Hey there all lolitaenthusiasts, 
I'd like to invite you to a lolita meet-up in Oslo Saturday May 14th 2011 OR Saturday May 21st 2011 (depending on which day the weather forecast is better). The meet-up will find place in Uranienborgparken, a big, beautiful park with beautiful trees and flowers. The meet-up will be of the kind "tea and cookies in the park", a perfect chance to get to know people. Lolita outfit is required, but lolitas of all styles are welcome! Detailed information about time and exact meeting place will be posted soon. Let me know if you want to join, we need at least five people who are very sure they're coming, for this meet-up to happen. Hope you can join!
You don't have to be norwegian to join! 
If anyone needs a lift from Hurum, Sætre, Røyken, Heggedal or Asker, upto three people can drive with me. 
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Lolita Poetry Part 2.

Okay, so before I made two lolita poems the first was A gothic lolita poem and the second was a sweet lolita poem. I was asked by someone (I apologize for letting your name slip my mind) to make a classic and boystyle poem.Collapse )

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Having Trouble with Gothic Lolita Wigs

Is anyone else having trouble ordering from CosplayWigsUsa/Gothic Lolita wigs? My mom and I tried to order a wig today, and it wouldn't let us select a credit card type. Then, when my friend googled the site, google said "This site may be compromised." O_O I emailed the company and they said their cart doesn't work with IE, but I also tried using AOL and still nothing. I'm a little afraid to order now because of that security thing on google...Has anyoen else seen this or experienced something like this? GLW told me in the email that they could send me an invoice through paypal if I told them what item I want and my location. idk, kinda worried. But man I want that wigggg!
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