April 24th, 2011


A new Lolita's transformation!

 Hello ladies. I have been a long time lover of lolita fashion but only recently I have been able to get some cords together. (AKA $$$ ^_^)  Most of my stuff is either hand made or off brand. I'm still playing with makeup and hair. Most of my life I have been a relaxed tomboy and my hair wont hold a curl to save its life. Collapse )
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Two Nursery Rhymes

Had a go at a studio shoot yesterday and it was my first time shooting indoors too. I've only done a few shoots outdoors until now. Different and rather steep learning curve, definitely! Still, I'm very glad for the experience and not to mention, had a fun session with the models as well :)

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Midsummer Night's Dream, sizing question.

Hey, sorry to keep bugging the community with questions but I couldn't find anything in the memories about this. I've lost a fair bit of weight but not so much around the bust as I had hoped but according to Lolilibrary I would fit into the Midsummer Night's Dream JSK II.


Is the sizing accurate and does anyone have any pictures of it worn? I'm fairly tall and I worry about it ending up too short if I do find it on the sales comm, I'm 5'7 and I have AATP Sleeping Beauty skirt which hits me just past the top of the knee. Would it be too short for me?

Many thanks!


A Not-So-New Blog

I thought I'd just let people know about the not-so-new blog I have, just in case I delete my old one and everyone loses their minds.
(Okay, the mind-losing part might be a bit far-fetched, but you get me :P)

Right, so I usually write to my blog Love Live Lolita, but I've decided that the name isn't completely fitting, seeing as I'm likely to post about things that aren't always Lolita-related, or that aren't related to much of anything. So, I've changed my blog from Love Live Lolita to - 

Sorbet Noir

Oh now, let's not be too creative with names...
So here's the story. It's practically the same blog, I've even exported the posts from LLL to it in the event that I delete my old blog or something. I'll still be writing about Lolita as much as ever, but there'll probably be a bit of anything and everything in there too...
And that's about the size of it. I just thought it'd be an idea to post it here in case people are confused, can't find the new blog, or something crazy.
*finishes up post in a non-awkward fashion*
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Half Bonnets...

So I have been looking for bonnets but they have not been satisfying for my taste so I was wondering where do you buy your HALF bonnets? Peferably gothic/classic..I am trying to calm down from sweet(O:) Under the 100's :D 
What stores do you recommend?? O:
People on LJ with amazing bonnet making talents?
A store that ships in the US?
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