April 23rd, 2011

Blouse Style Suggestions

I was wondering if the lovely ladies of EGL could give me a hand, I'm looking for my perfect starting blouse, I've been looking at different styles but haven't bought anything due to the fact that I am pretty busty and normal blouses alone tend to strain across the chest, styles that are too high up tend to make me look even broader than I am. I'm pretty much your typical hourglass shape, broad shoulders, busty, little waist, big hips...

The style I am settling into seems to be either classic or gothic and a fairly recent purchase is AATP Sleeping Beauty skirt in the black colour way. Do any of you ladies boast a similar figure? It would be nice to hear your suggestions of blouse style!


Moitie in GREEN?!

Today is one of the most happiest days of my life because I read on Mana-sama's blog....that Moi Meme Moitie will be releasing an emerald colored dress!  @_@  I'm sooooo excited to see it, I love love love green! who else is pumped?  Does anyone else know anything more about it?

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Infanta sizing?

 Hello, lovely Lolis! I know I posted an entry here asking for help about another dress, but I had a new dress catch my eye that I actually ordered this morning.

Now, the problem is that I have no idea if I ordered the right size for me and if I should contact my shopping service (dollypoddle) to maybe change the size in my order. :)

I'm ordering this dress from Infanta: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=6194711647 in an L

My bust is 87 cm and waist is a 75 cm exactly. Is 1cm of allowance for a waist measurement too little? Does anybody know if Infanta's sizes run smaller than they should?

Thanks in advance, guys! :)

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Silly Lolita...

What's the weirdest/most ridiculous thing you've ever had a secret, silly desire to wear in a lolita coord (or perhaps HAVE worn)?

I have to admit, mine includes this wig I once found while searching for pink wigs on eBay. My initial reaction was horrified laughter, but then....I realized how many bows/accessories you could stick into it. XD I can totally see this in a super over the top sweet coord. Just not on me.

I also bought one of those ridiculous, 16" wide Johnny Loves Rosie bows. I'm pretty sure you can fly while wearing one. But it's been sitting in my closet ever since I bought it, and I think I'll be selling it off. I just couldn't help myself. v_v

Well, now that I've shamed myself...how about you?
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Lolita @ home

What do you guys do when you wear lolita at home? Like when you're not planning on going out or doing anything special.
I wear lolita on the weekends even when I'm not going out because it makes me a happier person overall to be able to be cute and frilly. But I usually just wear a jsk that doesn't need a blouse, lolita socks, maybe hair stuff, and if it's cold a cardigan. No blouse or petticoat unless I'm going out.
What do you guys do? Do you get all dressed up to the nines? Or do you not bother with lolita unless you're going out?

Hello Lace issues

Am I the only one that has issues with Hello Lace? I absolutely love what I've been able to see of the site but that's just it, the site freezes up my computer. I've tried using different browsers but the same thing happens, the page will start loading then my screen will just freeze and I have to manually reboot my computer.

So does this happen to anyone else or am I the only unfortunate loli that is unable to access this amazing website?