April 22nd, 2011

Lolita Demographics?

I was just kind of wondering the age of all the Lolitas out there.
Sometimes I feel a bit too young to be Lolita because I don't have any steadily flow of income so I never really have too much money to spend on dresses and whatnot. Yeah, so I was just wondering! Because I feel like most Lolitas attend college or have a part-time job at least.

Best places to buy boystyle/kodona wigs

 So I have a moderately long hime cut that, for whatever reason, always looks super girly when I wear kodona. I've been trying to find some kind of store that sells shorter hair wigs that would be appropriate for kodona or boystyle but they seem to be a lot harder to find than normal lolita wigs.  

Does anyone know any good places to find shorter boyish wigs for kodona?

Lolita Prom Dress! (picture request)

So, my high school prom is coming up next month, and it has always been my dream to dress in lolita! The theme is formal, and the dress code is all black. I am going to go to a tailor to ask for my dress to be made, so I need to hand the tailor the design as soon as possible.

Could you please show me a suitable dress for the ocassion? :)

My thoughts so far are classical dresses from VM, IW, or MM. If not, the old school black x black dresses that Baby used to make before all the print stuff came out. I'm also up for any BPN, or h.naoto pieces that are not too frilly.

I greatly appreciate any help!
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San Francisco Angelic Pretty??

I know the AP website has the address to the AP SF store but when I look it up on google maps all I get is some random building thats does not look like an AP store. Then again I really don't know what an AP store looks like on the outside. I was just wondering is there something I can look for to know if I am close to the AP store?
What does it look like?
Where is it located in SF?
Do you have any photos?
I am going next weekend to SF so hopefully I will run into a couple of lolitas :D
Thank you soo berry berry much :3

Moitie print turned pink?

I have a small problem, I just received Moitie's Chandelier skirt in bxw in the mail, and when I opened the pakage, I noticed that the print is a light pink, instead of the white it should be, but the lace is still white...
It looks as if it's been washed with something that stained it red

Does anyone have ideas on how I might fix it? It's one of my favorite prints and it's really bothering me :/

...So I've got me a lil blog

Hullo, so the title pretty much says it all.  I've got a blog
If you want to have a look around, that would be great, if you wanted to follow that would be fantastic!
I'm also looking for other Lolita blogs to follow.  I've looked at the list on the memories, but if there are other ones not on the list
I'd love to have a look

Thanks in advance.

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