April 19th, 2011


Aqua Princess print by AP

Hello girls!

A few days ago, a friend post a link to the new AP print (Aqua Princess) photo on my facebook page (http://yaplog.jp/ap-tokyo/image/5548/26533 )

That print remind me Twinkle Mermaid print, and since I love all the mermaid prints, I can't wait to see more details and how it looks in different colors!

I'm so excited, I wanted to share this with you!
What do you think about it? :D

pokemon ☆smugleaf

Head bow question

Does anybody know whether the white head bow Momoko wears in Kamikaze Girls was actually released by a brand, and if so, what was it called? I'd also really appreciate suggestions of any similar bows :) Thank you in advance!

ETA: I can't find a good screencap of it, but it's the one she wears near the beginning that kind of flops on her head. I think she was wearing it when she was reading at home one day.

ETA 2: Found a screencap here.

Fabric dye pens feedback?

So my black Sugary carnival arrived today and I already managed to stain it....
I've managed to get silicone glue on it. Though most of it came off, it left bleach like stains on the dark fabric.

I was thinking of colouring the stains with some dye. Has anyone ever used fabric dye pens? Positive/negative reviews of a certain brand? I don't want to colour the stains and then have the black dye I've added bleed onto the lighter parts of the print when I wash the dress.

The stains are really really minor, if you don't know they're there you won't see them. But I know they're there and it's driving me crazy!

Rocking-Horse Re-quest

I am currently desiring red rocking horse shoes in any non-boot, open, NANA, ballerina, or generally soft looking style.  I am looking for a non-foam.  Here-in lies my difficulty.  In the memories post, the only two companies that supposedly sell red wooden rocking horse shoes are Vivienne Westwood herself, and the Gothic Lolita Bible site, which I believe closed, yes?  Anyway, I can't find it.  So my question is as follows:

Are there any sites you know of that sell red wooden soled rocking horse shoes for a not Vivienne Westwood price?

Please note: I am not looking for foam soled rocking horse shoes.  I can easily locate these myself.  When I checked Comm_sales very few red Rocking Horse Shoes were for sale.
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Question about Sugary Carnival JSK Replica sizing

 So I have been eyeing up this replica since it appeared on DoL taobao. My chances of fitting into a genuine AP dress are slim (ha) and my wallet wont stretch that far this is my only real chance to snap this up. I have been in contact with Clobba since it went up on there site. 

The problem I am having is that it's stated that the shirring will stretch to 10-15cm. 

If the limit is 10cm it will be tight, however if the limit is 15cm then it will be fine.

Clobba say they will measure it for me when their stock come in but the first lot they had already sold out and he had to check they would have more fabric, now I am worried I will miss out. 

I was wondering it anyone had the M JSK and if they could measure the shirring's limit for me? That would be amazing!

Thank you