April 17th, 2011

Lolita Downsides?

As much as we all love to lolita to death (Many of us couldn't live with out it) even it has a downside or two. So tell us, what is something about lolita that bugs you?

For me personally, I hate constantly knocking things over with my petticoat (Though, I knocked things over before I started wearing lolita). I hate that I always have to worry about staining it. I also dislike the comments like "Are you in a play?" or "Why the outfit?". Then there is the pricing, and the attitude that some people have in which they think "Lolita has to be this way and no way else."

Besides that I of course love lolita, and would never give it up for things so small.
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Lolita Transformation with Polka-dots! Two themes for the price of one! XD

I worked an event on campus last weekend for the Anime Club, but didn't have any cosplay in wearable condition so I decided to rock a lolita coordinate instead since the Anime Club has sort of evolved into a general Japanese Pop Culture club over the last year or so anyways.  
I didn't have a chance to get a friend to take photos for me though, so you will have to settle for my mirror shots.

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Thanks for looking!