April 16th, 2011

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Let them eat cake! Photoshoot

So my friends and I did a photoshoot for my birthday ~ It's tea-party themed and we decided to call it "Let Them Eat Cake" because we thought it'd sound cuter haha ♥
Anyways, this is pretty much my first time posting here so if anything's wrong, please let me know.
Let's hope the cut works as well XD

ENJOY the pictures!! There's quite a lot of them so consider yourself warned :))

We actually did not  plan to channel towards lolita so much but by the end of the day, nearly all of us were wearing some form of it except for for me LOL~!
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Rose Quartz

I officially HATE my sister.

My older sister was being an annoyingly terrible person again to me today, ranting about Lolita.
And then she said the unforgivable.
"Lolita is a porn style."
According to her, Lolita "started out as a porn style, then Japanese girls took it and made it cute."
Make sure you say "cute" snottily and sarcastically when you read this.

What I would like is to know where she got her information, and find some way to prove her indefinitely and undeniable wrong.
History of Lolita fashion, anyone?

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