April 15th, 2011


to Czech lolitas

Hi, dear lolitas and aristocrats from the Czech Republic!

Me and my husband, who is also inspired in the style, arrive in Prague Sunday evening and stay there during the next week. We would like to meet any of you. Is it possible? *___*

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Also, are there any local Czech internet communities where I may repost my suggestion?

In addition, do you know any lolita shops or shops with some pretty accessories suitable for classic lolita in Prague?
I’ve found this in Google: http://www.tomio.cz/lolita-butik
What about its prices and range of goods?

Thank you!
LenxMiku, VOCALOID, cute

Lolita Clothes for Home made dolls?

Collapse )I like to sew very basic ragdolls for my little sisters, but the clothes I make for them tend to stink. I think that it would be so cute if I could make them little bloomers, petticoats, dresses and everything out of my scrap fabric, but I don't know how to make and proportion things for them. Have you guys found any tutorials on making loliable clothing for rag dolls? And, my dolls vary in size, so, it might be nice to find ones which can be used for different sizes and proportions. Thank you!

He's dead, Jim.

For those of you still holding hopes that the English Gothic & Lolita Bible will continue someday, sorry guys:

TokyoPop officially has shut down its US publishing/distribution arm.

This is the final nail in the coffin, so no room for hopes/speculation anymore. I don't think Diamond Comics (the middleman distributor of damn well all comics in US/Canada) has kept backstock of old English GLBs at all, so any existing English GLBs you have are now collector's items (treat them well!). ;)

The likelihood of a similar project being taken up by any other publisher is zero - we have to be honest with ourselves that not only is print publishing harder to support these days (not to mention how labour-intensive translation is), but also that our fashion is still a very, very niche fashion.

On that note, if you want to see more of what English GLB could have been, let's do our best to support the indie lolita/lolita-friendly zines (paper or online) our own community members operate as much as we can. If you have grumps about quality, join editorial teams or become a contributing writer/artist yourself. Things won't improve or survive without more people lending a hand. :)