April 12th, 2011


Looking for another roommate for Sakuracon!

Hi everyone!
If any of you are still looking for a room for Sakuracon, there's space in mine.
We're at the Homewood Suites by Hilton, so we'll have a kitchenette and lots of space for clothes and things. Other people in the room are purinyappykura, one of her friends, and my boyfriend.
The hotel is about two blocks from the con, and it'd be about 120$ for the whole weekend!

Thanks for reading. :)

Auction service for Japan Yahoo?

Hey guys,

Does anyone know someone in the community who is willing to do a shopping service for Yahoo Japan Auctions? I wouldn't mind using a larger service but the prices are so high and they seem to take a few days to figure out how the payment is going to be made. I have something I wanna get but it ends in 2 days, is that enough time? I looked around the community for an answer but I could not find one >__<

Also guys, when you shop from Yahoo Japan, how much more do you usually pay for shipping? Because the person helping you has to get the item shipped to them first right?

Kodona/Dandy? Or just dressing nice?

 So, I really want one of my male friends to come to a meet up with me~! But... He doesn't wear lolita. He's rather punk/goth to be honest. The meet up says "properly themed attire is required"... Does that mean he has to dress in kodona/dandy/whatever-you-want-to-call-it or can he simply dress nicely? Any tips to how he should dress?

I really would like him and my best friend to come with me~ we're just lolitas and he is not. xD

wig advice/help?

i was searching google for some wigs and ran upon a site called cosplaywigsusa.com
i was wondering if anyone had purchased a wig from there?
are they of good quality?
were there any problems ordering?
i've never purchased a wig before and i'd rather not be ripped off! :)
                      thanks loves! ^_^

Kidsyoyo confused rewiew

I titled this rewiew in the way I did because I haven't rewiewed anything before. I am doing this because everyone has always been very positive about Kidsyoyo, but I want to tell that not everything goes as perfectly.

I think this is neutral one since what I got is wearable and possible to fix. I think everyone is crafty enough to do it. Pictures and some story under the cut.

EDIT: Apparently the "loose threads" I so complain about were put there on purpose to protect the cloth. Now this probably serves as good way to see how things are delivered, don't freak out like I did. Still it was wrong colour, but other than that great.

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