April 11th, 2011

How do Brands measure?

I am an incredibly new user, but I have been lurking for quite a while. I've searched for the answer to my question and have so far been unable to find one. It's a pretty simple question, and may seem stupid, but;

How do loli brands measure the waist?
Specifically, do brands measure at the true waist?
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Edit: Thank you to everyone who answered! I appreciate your help and kindness.
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Winter coat recommendations?

I have combed through the memories and read some of the reviews on the winter coats but I would like to get some recs.

Basically, winter will be here soon so I need a winter coat that will keep me warm but I can't afford a brand coat. So I thought a coat from one of the brands on taobao might do quite well. So, the temperatures for winter here would be about 5 degrees Celcius min, I think.

If you had personal experience getting a coat from any of the brands, please tell me whether the coat was warm and whether it was up to your expectations. And especially if you had a BAD experience, I would like to hear it. I don't want to buy a coat that doesn't fit or worse yet, isn't warm at all. If you don't mind, please do include the shopping service you used to order the coat from.

Also do you think I would be better off buying a normal winter coat (non-loli) with the money I would spend on a loli winter coat? Or rather, are the coats of good value for money? I hope this question is appropriate, I apologize if it isn't.

I would also appreciate recommendations for jackets if you have any. :)

Thank you so much girls!
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Replicas - art and design.

Hello to all. There were many discussions about replicas, but my situation is a bit different. I don't mind replica owners, but for some reasons can't justify buying one for myself (though I own and love a few that I got in my early lolita-days). But I really like the color combo of the SC lavander skirt and am thinking of getting it to re-sew into a ruffle miniskirt. What do you think? Would it still be the same replica case, or not, since the item design is drastically different from brand?

UPD. After little thought I decided that I'll simply commission some fabric with my own pastel design - cost wise it's the same and I'll sleep well at night. Thanks for the comments, they were a trigger to a better solution.

made-up lolita words?

i've found that the fashion and lifestyle of lolita can't always be described by words one finds in the dictionary. i've come up with a few words when normal words fail to describe the situation.

after getting ready to go out the other night, my room was in a total state of lolisplosion. (lolisplosion - n. - an explosion of lolita, generally on all available horizontal surfaces of a confined space.)

at the convention this weekend, i hope to see all the buffalolis, since they don't usually get to come to the rochester meetups too often. (buffaloli - n. - a lolita who hails from buffalo, ny)


so, do you have any lolita words you've come up with? no, they don't all have to contain the word 'loli'. :D