April 10th, 2011

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WORST coord competition? XD

I hope this hasn't been done before, please let me know if it has and I'll delete this post~

So while browsing recent posts on wtf burando, I thought, how badly can you coord lolita?
I figured it might be fun the start a thread where everyone puts together their worst possible outfit combinations, using items both loli, non loli, and just plain ridiculous offbrand!

I'd post one of my own right now, but it's too late at night for me to put together anything, so I'll do it somethime tomorrow if I have time, but I'd love to see what you guys come up with!

Purely for fun and laughs, post pictures of your worst possible coords!

Calling All Rockinghorse Shoes!

Alright, so I've been watching this comm for a while, and while there are extensive resources detailing the varieties of Rocking Horse Shoes, I was hoping if I could know, from your experience, what kinds had the feature I specifically wanted.  There are a lot of reviews out there, some from immediately after buying and some from a few months later, but I wasn't completely clear on how well some of these priorities were represented..

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I don't want to break the combo of themed posts, but after searching through ten pages worth of results I am still left with the questions...

What defines EGL and EGA? How does EGA differ from aristocrat? Would you consider it to be lolita?

closet child holds question

Hello! :)

I was hoping for some help from anyone who regularly buys from Closet Child.

A month ago I reserved a dress via the shopping cart system, and I got both emails confirming my order. I decided to take advantage of the 1 month holding period, so I didn't send them anything right after that. Now a month is up, so I have to pay. I replied to the confirmation email the day before the holding period was up, and didn't get a reply. This was 5 days ago. Yesterday I emailed them again about it, still no reply...

I checked my junk folder and its not there, and I checked my closet child account and the dress is still listed as one of my purchases there. Does it normally take them a few days after the holding period to invoice you? Did they change it so I have to do something else to get the invoice?

I ordered from them once before and they invoiced me the day after I told them to, so that's why I'm worried! I don't want them to turn around and sell my dress again. :(
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F+F Blouse and Petticoat Question

I want to buy this blouse in white, and I'm wondering if someone else has it in this color? I'm asking because I've noticed that on some F+F blouses, they'll say white, but they'll have white AND cream-colored lace on them instead, and I don't want that.  SOLVED!

Also, I'm wondering if anyone has bought one of F+F's "Omnipotent" petticoats yet? Which one did you buy, and how poofy was it? They look really poofy in the pictures, but how quick do they loose their poof?
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 Hello~ I have noticed that a lot of Lolitas are older than me, and this intimidates me when I go to tea parties and such... I am only 14. So I wonder, how old are you... and do you think being young is an issue for me? Many girls are a bit surprised when they see me, but they are nice, which brings me out of my shell a bit. I'm still nervous though!

I'm a new lolita, but I have liked the style for...four years now? only recently did I buy my first skirt. Now, I am buying a small coat and a dress! Tell me what you think? I am in love with both items! 




I am a classic lolita! <3
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Sakuracon Meetup: Friday April 22nd, 5PM

Since the original Friday Sakuracon meetup has been cancelled, I am trying to plan a smaller meetup for the people that are available on that day. If you could would like to come to the meetup on Friday April 22nd at 5PM, please follow this link here to the post on wa_lolis. I know a lot of people were excited for the meet, so I hope we can still have a smaller scale meetup on Friday for people who either aren't actually attending Sakuracon, or don't have other engagements at that time.
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Hair styles for Non-lolita men

I would like to get my boyfriend to dress up nicely in something that would compliment my Lolita. I prefer classical, so I'm hoping getting him into some traditional style shirt, jacket and pants would be enough to match, but the clothing isn't the issue, it's his hair!  

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