April 8th, 2011

Summer hats

Hello dear fellow lolitas,

I'm currently searching for a pretty summer hat, and I really like those that resemble a bonnet, mostly made from straw. I'm thinking about getting this one by "Rococo Soul":

Does anyone have experiences on straw bonnets? Are they stable? Also if you know shops that sell loliable summer hats, please share :)
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Art Post: Creepy Chocolate

And, I'm back with another art post. Last time, I posted some commission work, but this time I decided to continue bringing you guys Koneko-chan, my character, whom I seem to dress into the very dresses I would like to have the most, myself. So, this time, I made her wear Melty Chocolate. Click to see how she looks wearing it!

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Gosurori Vol. 2


This is not a request to buy. I am looking for scans from the the Gosurori Vol. 2 book. I'm aware of the ones from Avant Gauche, however I am mostly interested in the patterns themselves. I am particularly looking for the Lolita Chef patterns. Since the book is out of print it seems almost impossible for me to track down the book to purchase. Does anyone have or would be willing to scan these patterns for me?