April 6th, 2011

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Oh Meta...

I love Meta to death but when they released this last night

I couldn't help but think...ero lolita gone bad...really bad.
Full page details of dress here for those interested.

So ladies, tell me what to you has been the most botched brand concept this year? What have you seen that just made you fall out of your chair, facepalm, or roll your eyes?

EDIT: So okay, it looks like I'm in the minority here >_< which is all good, lol. So this has turned into a different conversation.

What does everyone think of this dress???

EDIT 2:  Update on the discussion so far...

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BTW: For those wanting to see brand fail regularly there is a community called wtf_burando.

Forgot to email Baby after making payment for reserve?

Hey Guys, I need some advice about ordering again. I tried searching for my answer on the past posts but could not find anything.

I recently ordered the new rose print jsk from Baby, got my invoice and payed on time (within a week). I did email them saying I paid, but never got a confirmation of payment. I emailed again yesterday askign if they received it and got:

"We don’t send the payment confirmation E-mail from us.

Only when you gave us the notification of your payment, we’ll reply."

I'm not sure what that means, but I assumed that means they didn't get my first email saying I paid. It's now day 11 and I forwarded them the receipt I got from paypal.

Technically I'm not late, but will they get mad? ):
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Rilakkuma Face
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Best offbrand a-line petticoat?

I'm looking for an offbrand a-line petticoat to wear with this Meta OP, but I'm having a bit of trouble. I thought I'd go with Malco Modes, but I'm seeing a lot of people saying they had to get their petticoats shortened before they could wear them, which is something I'd rather not deal with, because it's extra money and time, and I need this within a month. x_x Any tips? Most of the a-line petticoat reviews I'm having are for brand petticoats.
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blythiee yui

Philadelphia Cherry Blossom Festival Picnic-Meetup

So sorry this is such a last minute notice but for anyone in the Philadelphia (& surrounding) area who would like to hang out this weekend (April 10 Sunday) there will be a meetup/picnic at the sakura matsuri (Sakura Sunday) event.

Location: Fairmount Park, Reflecting Pool - far end, away from Horticulture Center bldg
Date: April 10, Sunday
Time that the events begin: 10am ~ 4pm
Time to meet @ designated meeting place: 10am ~ish
Admission: $5
Group Activity: Potluck Picnic
Please bring: a blanket(s) to sit on sufficient for you and others accompanying you (if applicable), your own meal(s) from home or purchased at a stand, if you would like to bring a snack/dessert/etc. to share with everyone, please do! But please bring enough for everyone & appropriate plates/plasticware if they are needed. Please also bring an UMBRELLA since it might rain!

scent of rapunzel

Heyy did anyone receive their dresses after the reserve? if not when do u expect them? if so post pics cuz im dying to see them. i really wanted the ivory jsk but i missed out on the reserve and im extremely sadden by it =[ but i still want to see everyone in them!
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Brand Brawl

This has actually been bothering me for some time.  I'm certain everyone here is familiar with the Milky-chan Fawn Angelic Pretty Patterns which feature a little pink deer.  Personally I find this deer disturbingly similar to Deery Lou of Sanrio.  I know it is common for Sanrio and Lolita brands to do collabs, and I was just looking for information from a lolita in the know.

I think there are distinct differences between the two, and perhaps a small pink deer isn't that uncommon.  That said, they have similar leg, head, and ear shapes and they both have 5 spots.  This could be from Japan's go-en good luck tradition and other number 5 superstition. They have differences certainly.  Deery Lou has a nose, milky has eyelashes and lines differentiating her hooves, and their eye shape is different.  Regardless I think to the casual observer my Deery Lou shirt would match Milky-wear.